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My Best Friend
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So Montana Congressman Rehburg, What Can You Say?

The TRUE Story From a Father

On May 2, 2011, I was contacted by Congressman Denny Rehburg's Office, "Randy Vogel". He asserted that (I) had sent him an e-mail, or to Congressman Rehburg, which I had not.

At first, Mr. Vogel seemed to be concerned over what's transpired with the child abuse of my child, and , the unwillingness for local government to do something about it. Well, that all changed later.

After an exhaustive search and changing of all my passwords on accounts, I ascertained that Mr. Vogel was being less than truthful. I offered to meet with him via e-mail, and he refused to decline thus far.

Mr. Vogel was very interested in my Diary, Daily Journal, which in fact I do keep for years. What wasn't known to Mr. Vogel, is that I have conclusive evidence that his boss, Congressman Rehburg, knew about CPS troubles all the way back in 2005? Rehburg's denial and refusal to (get involved) led to numerous children being raped and molested in Billings, an unlicensed Day Care.

While it is (Possible) that I may hear back from Mr. Vogel, I have serious doubts.

I did however surrender his office the right to see the case, (Yeah right) that they ignored for years, which has now mushroomed into a bigger case, over MY RIGHTS and my child's DENIED RIGHTS for Protection, to publicly post Mr. Rehburg's and CPS failure, along with every other politician in this state for over 5 years.

Note: They can all run and hide under rocks, but the Truth is the Truth, and, NOBODY Listened which cost numerous children their innocence, their childhood and possibly their lives down the road, including my son's.

Mr. Rehburg, you can't (HIDE) behind the "Ethics Rule," which states, "You SHOULD Not get involved in local matters," When it does not preclude (You SHALL NOT) when injustice is being done to children, or targeting innocent parent's.

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