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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Congress Corruption and CPS

Congress, dishes out millions of dollars, as does all Washington Government, to fund hideous Child Protective Services in individual States. These States don't have to answer for anything they do with that valuable tax payer money. No, instead the more kids the snag, who often don't need help, the more parents they target, who are good innocent loving parents, bring big Federal bucks to the CPS organizations. The HHS money from Washington D.C is earmarked to fund corrupt CPS agencies in the U.S. with the Unholy blessings of your politicians.

The problem, is there is NO oversight. A CPS employee has more power than the police, the sheriff, the Marshall, the FBI, CIA  and they don't even need a warrant. Every Civil Right that (You Think) you have, is washed away, often by a fake, phony complaint by a disgruntled neighbor, friend, or disgruntled spouse. In the meantime, the 4th and 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is totally ignored. Sadly, the odds of a child becoming more harmed, or dead, under the watchful eye of CPS is 1 in 5. CPS denies your Rights, or your child's under the Constitution , with Congress's Blessing.

The Family Court Judges defer their own responsibility to uphold yours and your child's Rights, under the Constitution under Title 42, section 241 and 242, yet because they defer the authority to the CPS investigators normally, they act as Pilate at the trial of Jesus and wash their hands of any wrongdoing. WRONG! Under Title 42, 1983, these Judges can not only be held professionally responsible, but personally responsible and face Criminal Charges under the law. So can the CPS employees.
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Supreme Court Justice Morena said it best in his findings, scathing as they are, against the CPS in America. Below are his exact findings, shocking as they may be, the truth;


What the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said about CPS and Family Services. ( Camreta v. Greene )

1. " The court held the seizure under these circumstances VIOLATED the Fourth Amendment"
2. " Several Circuit courts have found that Child Protective Services (CPS) Agents investigating child abuse are the functional equivalent of police officers conducting such investigations and should, therefore, be governed by the same Fourth Amendment standards"
3. " The juvenile dependency system in this country is DYSFUNCTIONAL."
4. " Even Justice Carlos Moreno of the California Supreme Court has noted that the system is in need of A MAJOR OVERHAUL"
5. "The problem stems in part from CPS agents lack of proper education, training, accountability, and oversight."
6." An unwarranted intrusion upon a family may be as devastating to a child as any failure to act in a case of severe abuse."
7. Through misuse of this power - whether intentional or negligent social services agencies have become feared institutions in the minds of many Americans. This compels adoption of a constitutional standard adequate to insure CPS agents and police officers carry out their mandate- to protect children and preserve families where possible- without denigrating the rights of those they are charged to protect."
8. " Judicial Review is essential in the absence of emergency or parental consent"
9. " Experience demonstrates that when CPS agents and police or sheriffs investigating alleged child abuse bypass judicial review, violations of constitutional rights of children and parents often occur."
10. " Allowing CPS agents and policemen to interview children at school in the absence of exigency, parental consent, or a warrant as Petitioners urge, will undoubtedly lead to many more abuses of families.."
11. " The joining of forces, required by CAPTA, between CPS agents and police creates doctrinal confusion under the Fourth Amendment because of the mixed motives of government officials"
12. " One could surmise the only reason these agents went to the school to interrogate this little girl was that they were trying to skirt the constitutional warrant."
13." This has become a widespread practice among police and CPS Agents
14. " No remedy Exists in the juvenile courts for abuse of Constitutional rights"
15. " The vast majority of CPS agents lack the education and training required to qualify as a "professional"
16. " As stated earlier, CPS agents in general are not professionals. The word professional implies a certain level of expertise, education, and training that is lacking in those who generally work for CPS."
17. "This means that 84% of caseworkers who work for CPS have no education, background, or training to work in a field that allows them to make momentous decisions about whether children should be removed from their parent's care, custody and control. By comparison to police officers, CPS agents are undereducated, under trained, and poorly versed in constitutional principles"
18. "Other systemic issues illustrate the need for a check on the power of CPS agents"
19. " The government's vital interest in preventing child abuse does not require sacrifice of Fourth Amendment protections"
20. ' Money creates a perverse incentive in the juvenile system"
21. " Since the funding is tied to the removal and adoption of children, little effort is made to keep children at home with services to the parents. The longer children remain out of the home, the more money CPS agencies receive.
22. This funding under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act has spawned a huge child abuse industry.
23. "It is the function of the neutral magistrate, not CPS agent, to determine what constitutes probable cause as required by the Fourth amendment."

Isn't it high time to write your Senators, your Congressman and DEMAND this to STOP. Federal money is causing this crime against U.S citizens. The only answer =is to privatize CPS and demand the states train these idiots. or face criminal charges. The way it stands now, is that CPS answers to NO ONE. make that CHANGE. Contact you elected leaders and put a stop to this shameful crimes against American families.

Or, you can wait til they come knock at your door someday, and drag your kids off crying and screaming. Think you can call your Congressman for help? Think again. They cite (Ethics) and refuse to help you.

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