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My Best Friend
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stop Child Abuse and Corruption by CPS and Bad Judges

America MUST wake up to what's happening Nationwide. Family Courts consistently ignore children and parental rights, due to CPS misusing Federal dollars to get more money for their State, targeting families who are innocent is a common practice. CPS is self funded, from Washington D.C HHS, but they get 3 dollars to their State for every 1 dollar they spend. What an incetive for Corruption. Your Senator, your Congressman grab these monies and fund illegal activities by turning a blind eye to how that money is being spent. Get into trouble and be innocent, then try and contact your Congressman or Senator and ask for their help. YOU won't get any. Their pat answer is it's a legal issue, and ethics prohibit them from helping you, yet it is our tax dollars they are funding these shameful practices with.

There is NO oversight on what CPS is doing. That's why so many kids are dying each year under their noses. Your Rights, or your child's Rights mean nothing to them. The only thing that means anything is those Federal Bucks. CPS constantly violates your 4th and 14th Amendment. Your Senator and Congress know it too, but refuse to hold Hearings into the matter.

Wake UP America, make our politician's DO SOMETHING. If CPS was privatized and their Federal money dried up, then they would do their job and kids would be saved. We cannot rely on our pork barrel politicians to protect us, or our kids anymore. Demand Change.

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