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My Best Friend
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hidden Abuse of Kid's Blood is NOT thicker than water

There's an old saying that,"Blood is thicker than water."

Unfortunately, it's often an abused child's own blood which is hidden by the people that are "Supposed," to protect that child. Such is the ongoing abuse of any child.

It isn't a secret by the family, but to turn in one of their own family members is looked at as a sin, despite their personal knowledge that this precious little child has been horribly abused, neglected and often endangered.

There is obviously no conscience, or the thought of the after life within the hearts of these kinds of persons. Turning a "Blind Eye," to knowing about abuse, but not doing anything about it, make them as GUILTY as the abuser themselves. Sure, they may profess to be good people and even blaspheme the name of Christianity, but deep in their hearts they are as foul as any abuser on earth.

It doesn't matter who you try and "Protect," if wrong is wrong, if it's your own daughter, sister, husband or any family member that you know has abused a child, it's your responsibility to stand up and take a stand. That innocent life that hangs in the balance, often by a thread, is the ONLY thing that should enter your mind, your heart, and,  be shouted from your lips.

In truth, you haven't hidden anything, or covered it up, but instead have poisoned your own soul. Only a fool, or an idiot keeps their mouth shut when they know of abuse. Blood is not thicker than water, because it's not water than runs out of an abused child, it's their blood, whether it be emotional, or the real thing.

How can ANYONE live with themselves and keep their voice silent. It's our voice that protects the little voices who can't defend themselves. Wake Up!


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