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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Child Abuse Cover Up

According to Documents:

So who all knew for 5 years and 4 months that there was a Day Care in Billings, which also sold adult sex toys? They did nothing to stop it, until toddlers were raped and molested.

1.  U.S. Senator Max Baucus
2.  U.S. Senator Conrad Burns (Former)
3.  Congressman Denny Rehburg.(202) 325-2211 or 1-888-232-2266
4.  Representative William Glaser
5.  Former Senator Lane Larson
6.  Former State Atty General Mike Mcgrath
7.  Yellowstone County Atty Dennis Paxinos and Ann McKittrick, Mark Murphy(Condoned sex toy business run out of Day Care, in writing)
8.  Billings Police Chief Rich St. John and his precessor and Lt. Mark Cady
9.  Former Yellowstone County Sheriff Chuck Maxwell, under Sheriff Jay Bell
10. Former head of CPS Gail Gray, new Head person Anna Whiting Sorrell (Helena)
11. CPS Billings supervisor Walt Wagonthal
12. CPS Billings worker Shirley Lieder, Abby Cassidy and basically the whole CPS Billings office and staff.
13. Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, numerous letters over 4 years and Carlo Canty.
14. The Montana Day Care Licensing Bureau local office and Helena
15. The Montana Dept. of Justice
16. Billings City Attorney's Office Craig Hansel
17. District Court Judge Russel Fagg (Let Child Molestors free who my son named molested him)
18. District Court Judge Susan Watters (Condoned sex toy business ran out of day care)
19. District Court Judge G. Todd Baugh, violated all Civil rights under Title 42 USC 1983 Sections 241-242. Such violations mandate criminal charges against the Judge. Nothing was done to him.
20.State Court Investiagtor Tylene Merkel (Condoned sex toy business run out of Day Care in writing)

Who knew after the fact and still did nothing to save a child;'
US Senator Jon Tester
State Atty General Steve Bullock
Secretary of State Linda McCulloch

Who Stopped the Child Abuse, Rape and Molestation? NO ONE! What did they do after the Day Care was finally raided 5 years later by the authorities? Tried to shut the father up and attack his credibility. Stopped the legal, biological from obtaining the arrest records in fear he'd tell the other child victims parents that they ALL knew about it.

This list is far from complete. I'm sure I left out some others. This is what happens when nobody listens. This is what happens to our children when corruption overrides common sense.

With NO recourse, a father publicized the wrongdoing. What did he get for that? CPS took his child away for bogus reasons, whom the dad raised, loved and cared for for 7 years. Public opinion, as well, as statements by the local police, bring good questions to mind, how did the owner of the Day Care not know, Jacque, especially when the babies told her what was happening. Oddly enough, the charges mention (prickly poking things) being used on the babies. Sound like one of those sex toys doesn't it? The children were told to keep quiet and not tell their daddy according to the Charging Documents. The money, the illegal Day Care, must have meant more than the kids safety. How would anyone not know what was going on at nap time? This story can be seen below;

Jerry Lindau
Jerry Lindau
Billings, MT–Jerry, 62, and his wife Jacque, ran an unlicensed daycare out of their home and cared for at least 12 pre-school aged children. The Lindau’s claim that all of those children are relatives. You probably know where this one is going, don’t ya?
Jerry was arrested when it was discovered that he had sexually molested a pair of 4-year-old twins. These two little girls told their daddy that Jerry had been touching their ‘nu-nu’s,’ their terms for vagina. The man they called ‘Papa’ penetrated them with his finger…they stated that sometimes he did it too hard, and it hurt. The children also told authorities that Jerry had touched their nu-nu’s with his tongue. The girls were forced to touch Jerry…one of the girls said that the place she touched was wet and her hand got wet. For the purpose of keeping my breakfast in my stomach, where it belongs, I’m not going any further into the nasty details. You can find the graphic details here, in the charging documents. Those two little girls gave the police information that most 4-year-olds could never dream up.
When one of the girls told ‘Grandma Jackie’ that Papa was putting a stick with ‘pokie things’ on it in her butt, Grandma Jackie told her to stop joking with her. Grandma Jackie didn’t believe them. XXXX you Grandma Jackie. You should be sitting in an adjoining cell. Papa told the girls not to tell their daddy. XXXX you Papa…you lard ass child raping asshole.
Jerry was arrested and is being held on $100,000. He is being charged with four counts of sexual intercourse without consent and three counts of sexual assault. Lindau is no stranger to law enforcement. In 1982, he was convicted of negligent homicide; he struck and killed a 6-year-old boy as he crossed the street on his bike. Jerry didn’t spend any jail time on that conviction, his three-year sentence was deferred and he had to do community service. Big fxxxx’ whoop! He was also arrested on suspicion of assault in 1991.
Jerry’s former son-in-law, XXXX, says Jerry exhibited aggressive and dangerous behavior years ago. He says he wasn’t surprised at the allegations being made against Jerry. ‘It is not a question of if, it was when. I have feverously (sic) contacted every government agency for 5 and a half years. I’ve known the family since 1999,’ said XXX.
XXX said that he and others reported abuse about the Jeery and wife. Documents filed in court between two and six years ago state that Jerry has a ‘history of physical abuse’ and about a person being ‘physically, emotionally and sexually abused’ by Jerry. Nothing was done.‘He’s an extremely temperamental and violent man. I had been told sexual abuse in the home by close relatives had transpired in the home and been allowed to transpire in the home under his supervision, while he was in the home,’ said XXX.
TheMorningStar has this one up in the forums. Thanks TMS.
Update:3/4/09- On Wednesday, Jerry had complained he was feeling ill. When officers did a cell check at 1:00 p.m., Jerry was responsive. Minutes later, they discovered he stopped breathing. Jerry was pronounced dead at 1:30 p.m.

In all fairness, I was contacted by a minor child, age 16, pregnant, already has one child, and who lets Grandma J, watch her kids for free I would imagine. But unknown, if you pay for service, even free you're paying with your own kids blood. What are you, insane? Read Court Documents and Transcripts, parents admitted in sworn testimony their son was being molested and failed/ REFUSED to call the authorities, in fear she and her daughter,the birth mother would be investigated. (Anonymous) states it was her own family, the toddlers who got raped at the Day Care, yet she still trusts one of the Prime Suspects? Grow up, ignorance is bliss. Even parent's own mother calls her a liar, a horrible liar.. Wake up kid, you're playing with fire and your kids may be next. Then and if you grow up, you might understand. Being a mere 16, taking advantage of free child care, if it is free, because Jacque has a record of fraud, then do what yoiu have to do, the GROW UP!

I urge you all, write your Senators and Congressman, make the hold Hearings and change the CPS laws. Stop the Federal Funding to permit such shameful practices and violations of our Rights and our Kid's Rights. DO IT NOW!

Friday, April 22, 2011

CPS "worker" , Leaves child with Sexual Abuser

ADDENDUM Sorry folks, had to edit out the truth. Montana is trying to charge childrensrightsmontana with a crime, over our free help for kids. We cannopt divulge the County, or the Judge whois operating way outside the Constition ,though how sweet that would be.The following we Believe, is acceptable, but we had to redact TRUTH .....Get a Life, Montana is trying to shut down a LEGAL WEB-Site, cause it exposed corruption in the 1st degree, and we now face possible Criminal Charges for exposing  DCFS/CPS Corruption..

From previous blogs and stories the childrensrights has, the mother refused child any care at all. Like the father's child's therapist said, "It's not about protecting this child anymore, they're after the dad cause he know too much about their failure."

The email the father got from CPS warns him to not publish it. So, now the dad has lost his 1st Amendment Rights anymore either.
The Order for Immediate Protection, Appointment Of Counsel, Appointment Of Guardian Ad Litem And Attorney For the Guardian Ad Litem And Setting Show Cause Hearing signed by Judge XXXXX states that:

The youth shall not be removed from XXXX County without prior approval of the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

The Guardian Ad Litem’s report, submitted to the court yesterday, included recommendations that you be allowed supervised visitation with XXXX at this time. 

I received notice yesterday that the Show Cause hearing has been continued until XXXX @ 2:30 pm.  I will need to meet with you and your attorney to discuss your visitation schedule with XXXXXX during this process.  You could participate by phone.  You can discuss your concerns with your attorney and then schedule a time with me to meet.

As we have discussed before, XXXX takes an over the counter medication (Prevacid or Pepcid) for XXXXX.  These can be purchased by both parents to use in their individual homes.

  Child Protection Specialist  Family Services

Response, well, you should have known, but you don't. This child is on a prescription drug xxxxx, and the mother refuses it to the father when child's in his home. 
Update. Now CPS decides that the allegation of the father taping child on weekends when child reveals abuse isn't enough to keep child away, after they learned child was being TOLD to say that by child's mother. So, now their new and improved allegation is that the father will talk to child about Custody Issues? How? When? The child is like a ballistic missle, playing 16-18 hours per day, The father can't even get a quiet moment with child and CPS knows it. It is like what the past child's counselor said, "It isn't about protecting the child anymore, it's about attacking the father," because he launched a website of all CPS's dirty tricks. A Diary, with all CPS's calls, that's what made them angry, while ignoring the incredible abuse, neglect and endangerment of the father's child. CPS should know, they have a copy of that Diary. Even the FBI said they won't return the child, as it would be CPS's admission of guilt. The FBI also concluded, CPS has failed to protect the child from the abusers. Corrupt, Crooked and let an innocent child die becasue you're mad at dad?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So How Does Senator Max Baucus Feel About Child Abuse in Montana?

Sent To Max Baucus Field Director/ Counsel Jennifer Ewan on April 21, 2011 by a Father:
The state appointed an attorney for dad who is 150 miles away. He has no way to meet with her, no money to get there, no way to copy his files and send them and he just learned yesterday that the Judge in his case changed his Final Parenting Plan last year, with NO Court Hearing, no Court date, no copy ever being sent to dad by the Court, nothing. He have no way to get to my atty. No money, permantly disabled reeling in pain, his home phone was shut off because he spent every dime on his child.

Two psychologists recommended the immediate removal of the child from the mother during a CPS TIA investigation. CPS refused and left the child with the mother. The child has exposed that child's is being forced to lie to not only CPS, but a state appointed counselor, by the mother. The child is scared to death of childs own mom, and states she will hit child, punish child, if child doesn't repeat what she TELLS child to say.

CPS not only has an exact Copy of a Daily Diary from the father over a period of two years, but they also have indisputable taped calls of child abuse, neglect, endangerment, alienation of the fathers child and, even sexual abuse by the mother. CPS has done nothing, with the exception of REFUSING to ask the child if the mother is forcing child to lie so she can avoid prosecution. CPS refuses to ask the child if child's being coached, even after child has admitted it not only to father, but other family members. The child still sick and now suffering an ankle injury due to the mother, in a brace, on med's that the mother refuses to share with the dad and CPS does nothing.

Now, CPS is accusing the dad of emotional abuse of dad's child, because dad taped the calls of child abuse. The child knew about and agreed to our phone calls being taped to stop abuse. CPS is accusing dad of taping the child on weekend visits with dad, which NEVER happened, with the exception of one life threatening situation that dad reported to CPS on 2/21/2010, where the child stated mom was playing with child's privates. CPS refuses to Polygraph the mother. Dad has offered, hands down to be Polygraphed. The child's mother calls dad's child, "Bitch, asshole, jerk, hopeless, helpless, wimp" and CPS won't even try and stop such emotional damage to baby child..

The Final Parenting Plan is from 12/2009, which is the last time dad was in Court over abuse and allowed a Hearing. The one the state mailed me, is in May of 2010. Dad was never in Court all of last year. There was No Hearing's, never calendared, no calls, no mail, nothing.

Dad has spent 6 years with child's first therapist, following every word of advice. The therapist is appalled at what CPS has done and is still doing to this child. The therapist even supports (IF) dad had taped during weekends, which dad didn't, due to the degree of abuse his child has suffered.  Therapist refutes any form of emotional abuse, or physical, ever by father.

That lead the father to be more proactive to stop child abuse and parent abuse in this state. He has exposed everything, including the Diary, and he refuses to redact any names or incidents and have posted the entire mess for the public to see. How on earth, can Max sit by while this child's Civil Rights and his are literally destroyed? We don't even have Rights anymore. The bottom line is the state is saying the child never has the right to reveal horrendous child abuse to his own dad, and, he's not allowed to talk to the kid when the child does? Here is the link to the website which includes your boss. It will also include this letter to you. WE have received overwhelming support by citizens to make this state and your office DO SOMETHING, from Petitions to upcoming News Conferences. Someone has to stop this abuse.

Sincerely and pray for HOPE,

Friday, April 15, 2011


The True Story of a Montana Child

BM=Birth Mother
SF= Stepfather
BF= Birth Father

Summary From Diary 1-7-09 to Present

 Child said some lady came to see Child at school.  Child hears noise outside at night, says its  mommy spying ?

1-14 Child said mommy always drunk, (7-8) months pregnant. Child said  told school counselor mom and SF always mean to child. Mommy always mean when she’s drunk.  Child smells, hasn’t been bathed since  1.5 weeks ago. Child said mom and SF always drive around with him drunk.

1-16 Child immed. Said SF moved back in. Said all  clothes smell like smoke from them smoking. Mom drunk all the time. Large abrasions on low back=2, ½ inch apart.  Child wants to stay, upset, crying, says mom wants to hurt .

1-21 Had to bathe child after school. Never gets bath. Says SF won’t let him draw artwork for week, cause he said (Ass).  Had to ask mom to bathe child more. She said she does. Child says that is a lie.

1-24  Child goes crazy if  can’t find something from home to take with back to mom’s.

1-28  Child not allowed to play with any toys takes home from my house.

2-7 Child says SF takes all  toys away. Child draws picture of self, crying, fists in picture.

2-8 Child having nightmares, someone blows BF head off? Child afraid. Child may have heard something again about threats by mother.

2-18 Child showers with mom. Had to call her TAPED showering not okay. Birth mother's dad arrested today, rape and molestation at day care. Child ran screaming when news on, crying hysterically, said - knows why papo was arrested, says  saw papo touching one of two 4 year olds, in privates.  Called police, they refuse to come see child.  Worried if mom finds out what  said, she’ll threaten child.  Called CPS.

2-19 Child not in school, missing. School calls for welfare check, . Child finally found, police threaten BF not to call for welfare check?  Filed for custody. CPS calls at 1p/m, and threatens not to talk to child even if child tells what happened at day care? Accused BF of asking questions, because  taped child after child already had told what happened at Day Care.

Judge Watters quits case, after Raid on Day Care.  File for custody.  Filed TRO in Justice Court, BF have no Judge.

2-24, waited 5 days, no answer from court to keep my child safe.  Child says being punished by grandma, made to hold  hands in the air til can’t anymore. Court already warned them to stop this kind of punishment in 9-2008. Court Order states SF and g-ma not to baby-sit Child terminated, if they don’t take classes by December last year.

 Am scared to report abuse, child gets more abused if report it and nothing is done about it.

2-25  Taped Child in truck, as child said  arms are better after g-ma punished child and child doesn’t know why she did.

2-26  Worried child's sexual problems from g-ma’s, or child saw somewhere else. Child fell asleep in my arms. So worried about child.

3-4 Child immed. Says SF won’t let play with any toys from my home, and about police? Child has large burn on chin. Grandpa dead in jail.  Kept it from child, just let  play and be a child.

3-11 Child says SF threatening child, to hang child upside down and beat child like a piƱata.

3-18  Get child at school, very pale, said  been vomiting last night 3 times.

3-25 Former counselor for child, (Mike XXX) -can’t believe what cops and DFS are doing?  Mike can’t believe what been through, says state and county stonewalling, afraid of lawsuit. School counselor and BF, spoke, afraid of child being (Guarded) on what child says, afraid of abuse for telling.

3-26 Child crying hysterically when has to leave.

3-31 Court, the last thing I want is to reveal tapes in front of BM, afraid child will be punished.

4-1 Child says mommy is GRILLING  over what child's told me? Child gave me a lot of love letters, says  mommy doesn’t want child calling me daddy anymore.

4-4 Child still on restriction by mom, 21 more days, not allowed to draw?  Child got drunk last nite by mom.

4-9 Mike XXX believes child may be given boo’s by mom to calm child down.

4-18 Child says I’m bunny and child could eat BF pee-pee? Very disturbing. Child still grounded at mom’s.

4-19 Child extremely angry, throwing rocks, acting out, BF tried to find out what’s going on? Very concerned about child.

4-22 Something is up with child, very withdrawn, fears of leaving.

4-29 Mike XX said child will likely be a sexual abuser and school better keep a close eye on child.

6-3 Child said was hit twice by mom, going to run away, ride  bike to BF house, said  mom told child that BF burned her with a lightbulb on her hands, so she has warts?  Child’s toes coming through shoes on both feet.

6-7 Saw Mike XX, told him about child going to run away. No use to call CPS, they won’t do anything.

6-21 BM in Butte, expects BF to give child to her mom while she’s gone. BM refuses to let child stay with BF Father’s Day?

6-24 Child still has holes in shoes.

6-28 Court investigator Tylene, Thinks child making up what  saw  papo do, yet  only names one girl, Rebecca, of the two twins. Why only 1 kid? (NOTE: Tylene is who 7 months earlier, failed to stop rapes at Unlicensed day care where (Papo) was arrested, also authorized an Adult Sex Toy business to be run out of Day Care address.)

7-1  Had to buy Child shoes.

7-17 BM accuses BF of letting child get heat stroke? Child arrived with BF 7-15 at 8 a/m pale as a ghost. Mother knew it, BM made child sick, trying to blame it on BF under BF care.

8-7 BM says she’s moving to Bozeman, she’s already alienated child from BF all summer.

8-9 BM comes at 10:30 a/m, Child crying, doesn’t want to go. BM ended up leaving child with BF. Child clearly upset wants to be with BF.

8-12 Child trying to vomit. Says its going on since last night from Fair (with mom) , sick at 12 a/m. No fever, very lethargic, says  back is hurting around kidney area. Child with BF for next 10 days.

8-13 BM calls BF at 1:46 p/m, , says Gwen XXX, counselor she JUST hired before Court, has called her, saying cancel todays appoint. BF supposed to take child to. Counselor calls BF, BM has lied. On the way to appoint, child says SF threatened child to not talk. Child very upset with BM and SF. Child said mommy told child she’s taking away from BF forever. BF waited til child asleep, left a mssg with Gwen.

8-14 Gwen XXX called, at 2:12 p/m, said BM fired her from counseling child.

8-20 Child very scared, said mommy is trying to take child away.

8-24, BM is in violation of Court Order. BF called CPS (Jodi) told about SF's violence if  child told anyone.

8-25 Child called BF at 8:10 p/m, said  is injured in 5 places, 1 deep, can’t even go fishing from injury.

8-26 Filed in Court ex-parte and modification. BF called CPS over Child’s injuries. Officer called BF 11:20 a/m, Bozeman, trying to find child. Found child at day care, miles out of town. Ash called BF at 1:45 p/m said deputy only saw road rash, Child refused to say what happened, know something did, used code word worked up if something bad happened by BM or SF. (Little trumpet sound)

8-27 CPS worker (Carol) called 12:09 p/m, said she’s confused on code word, she thought it was fishing. Told of SF’s threat to kill child just before BF got on 8-12. Child calls BF at 8 p/m, whispers, grounded again, admits BM and SF have told child they are stealing child.

8-28 BM has done it again, third school, refuses to give BF's name and number for emergency contact. BF had to supply it to school. Police refuse to file custodial interference on BM. BM denied to police she is living in a hotel, yet BF has it taped.

8-31 Gwen XXX, said child already had revealed emotional abuse by SF, name calling and mean. (After only 2 visits)

9-1 Child calls 7:30 p/m, said  has bad news, whispers, jumped off stairs cut  hand, has owie’s all over.

9-.3 Child sounds code alert on phone. BF has not asked why child finally reveals why in tub, says SF heart punched child in chest with his fist.

9-7 At 6:30 a/m, before child up, BF called CPS who gave BF a number for Carol CPS. BF left a mssg about child being punched in chest by SF. BM 1.5 hours late, BF asked why child said  punched in chest? BM says its an accidentally hit child in head? Child said that’s a long time ago. BF trusts child. Child very scared of BM and SF in their car.

9-9 Child is made to hang up the phone on BF  after child told BF in day care on weekends when not with BF. That is in violation of the Court Order. Childs to be with BF when BM works.

9-12 Child hides on phone, said SF threaten in the car, “I’ll pull this car over and whip you.” Child extremely depressed on our call. Broke BF's  heart.

9-13 Child says SF won’t let bring a paper plane child made. Child said saw  (Wish Star) and said  wished to live with BF for 6,000 years.
9-14 Child whispers, SF called BF a bad man to child, Child was taped at 7:15 p/m.

9-16 Child on phone 45 minutes. SF took child's present away that child made BF.  BF child crying.

9-18 Child here at 9 p/m, so glad to hug BF.

9-20 Child says  pee burns over 1 month,  told mommy and she hasn’t taken child to the doctor. BM arrived at 4:45 p/m, BF ask her about this? BM admitted child told her, but only last Friday morning when BF got child. BM sent child to school anyway?  She denied child medical treatment, yet brought child to BF that night?

(NOTE) It turns out BM knew about this pain for weeks, as seen in medical chart, but lied to BF and covered up child had internal bleeding..

9-21 BF called BM at 7:45 a/m to see how child is, coughing yesterday and low fever, she sent  to school anyway. Gwen XXX called, about child still talking about molestation and BM and SF drinking. Asked for advice, said she’d have Lorin call BF.

9-22 On phone with child 55 minutes tonight.  Never wants BF, or lets BF  go, even in dinner, to potty, brushing  teeth, getting dressed for bed, BF have to force child to go,  misses BF very bad.

9-24 Child anxious to see BF.

9-29 Child in Billings last night, mom made child lie and say was in Bozeman. BF Court for Hearing, ( As seen later, BM lies to court about child’s health.) BM Covers up Child peeing blood in sworn testimony.

9-30 Mssg at 9:30 a/m, BM says child has Chicken Pox. BM has child at her work, exposing everyone. BF offered to come get child, BM refuses. Child called BF at 1 p/m, again BF ask to get child. BM refuses.

BELGRADE Clinic (Clare) tells BF that BM BLOCKED all access to child’s medical records .BF faxed Court Order. Clare said BM said BF have no right to see Medical Records recordson BF's child.

10-1 BF alert the Court by Motion, BM blocking records’ BF spent every cent to go to Big Timber and get child. Child says SF called child a liar after Court and that SF caught child’s pants on fire when throwing a lit cigarette out the window.

10-2 BF kept child quiet as possible while sick.

10-3 Child itching bad, breaking out, BF called advise nurse “Chris” at St. V’s Hospital. Child not to be around little sister or in public. BM refuses to leave child here, has nobody to watch child. She’s taking to her work and endangering the public. BF had to take child to clinic, bad form of chicken pox, put on anti-viral drug and benadryl. BF let BM know. Cost over $25.00 in prescriptions. CPS (Sharon) filed a report of abuse and neglect. Dr. RXXX wants child tomorrow to recheck pee.

10-4BFspoke to Sgt S. Faxed him report. Doctor orders (child not to be in Public Places, school, until spots scab up.) BF called BM at 1:40 p/m. BF gave BM instructions for pills and doctors orders. BM came at 4:30 p/m, BF gave her discharge instructions, pills and benadryl. Child sad.

10-5 Filed in Court and 8 a/m and faxed addendum to Sgt. S. Child and BF spoke at 7:15 p/m and  sounded alert code. BM took child to work again all day, against doctors orders, lied about having babysat. Child says mom is calling BF a jerk too. This made child mad and sad.

10-6 Child wouldn’t hang up phone with BF  for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Child still at BM’s work with chicken pox, hasn’t done homework for two days.

10-7 Lab Report from Belgrade, Child had internal bleeding, blood in urine. BF called CPS at 4 p/m. Sent letter to Sgt. S and lab work BM hid from  BF and court. Talked to child for 1 hour. BM returned child to school with 8 chicken pox sores still not healed. BM kept child from knowing child had blood in  pee so child wouldn’t tell BF.

10-8 FILED IN COURT. Clerk (Jorge) walked BF down to Judge B’s office, request for TRO. Gave Judge Copy of Lab Report, blood in child’s pee, hidden from Court (Perjury) by BM. Found child’s underwear, in wash, back side covered in Blood.

10-9 Child kept from BF on phone til 7:45 p/m, very upset did not want BF to hang up, close to tears, kept saying how much misses BF. Court permitting abuse, neglect, endangerment, turning a blind eye to medical evidence of internal bleeding. Never heard back from court.

10-11 Child called mBF early, 6:20 to 8:05 p/m.

10-12 Child called for 1 hour, sick, pale, stomach pain, urinary pain and freezing. They have no heat. BM denies Child has urine pain. Child was in school, one hour late, due to illness. JBM says  pee is dark, like childs passing protein. Child hasn’t had a bowel movement in 2 days.

10-13 BM at 7:15 a/m, says she’s taking child to her work. Nurse, said child pale. Child said  saw no nurseBM making excuses on Hospital too busy to see child. Child said 3 times, “Mommy’s a bitch.” Child got BF a present, bird seed, and BM took it away from child.

Child on phone 1 hr and 5 minutes, says,” You’re my favorite person in the whole world daddy.” So excited to come see BF this Friday. BM not coming until midnite.

10-15 Child very sad. BM didn’t tell BF was out of school today. BF would have tried to get child. Child very depressed, missing BF horribly, next to crying, wouldn’t let BF hang up phone. 

10-16 JBM didn’t show up with child til midnite,

10-18 Child REFUSED to get in BM’s car at 4 p/m. Very upset. BF tried to call BM, she said child asleep. Child denies. Child called BF crying at 7:45 p/m. BM refused to let child talk. It took several minutes to calm child down. BF assured child can talk to BF in  heart., where all BF love is stored for . This was terribly traumatic on child, and on BF.

10-19, LIES on TAPE, Belgrade Clinic again admits in writing that BM tried to stop BF from seeing child’s records. Chart is scathing at BF? BF has done nothing. Bm’s atty is involved with Clinic. BF been treated like shit. BM refused to answer phone til after 7:15 p/m, mad at BF and child who wanted to play a game on the phone last nite with BF. BF did play to stop child from crying, missing BF badly.

10-20 BM refuses to answer, only had 20 minutes with child because of it.

10-22 BM said child not in school because of tummy ache.

10-23 BM says child still sick, no school, did not take to doctor. Taking child to work, with possible H1N1 Virus. Child wants to be here on phone, where BF can help . Very sad voice. Child NEVER got flu shot.

10-24 Child is acting weird. SF back. Child is quiet on phone. Child cough is bad, BM refuses Child meds.

10-25 Child is upset with BM last nite. She refused to give Child  letter BF sent child. BF mailed a hand drawn picture of  Halloween outfit. BM refuses calls, then called BF at 7:39 p/m, won’t let Child talk. She said Child is fine in health. Child got on phone, TAPED Blood in child's pee again. BM refuses medical attention. BM says Child is hypochondriac. BM blames BF for no Clinic, when it’s her lies to Clinic that began all of this. Child describes how much blood is in  pee.

10-26 Nobody cares bleeding from inside. BM interfered with BF entire call with Child.

10-27 Child horrible with day care, (Deb) yelling. Child told BM this morning,” I don’t want you in  my life anymore.” BF try to calm Child down,  was calmer by the time BF hung up at 8:05 p/m.

10-28 BF called BM about Child this time BF taped. Trying to find out what’s wrong with Child. BM retold how Child wants her out of  life and  bad behavior with day care. BM said she’s calling  school, teacher to find out who yelled at Child upsetting child. BM called BF back, Child acting out in math class. BM didn’t even know, but Child told BF was yelled at. BM claims she asked teacher to contact school counselor. At 7:15 p/m BM said Child threw a fit, wanted to be in day care instead of with her on her day off. Something is going on.

10-29 Had to stop and pay $15.00 to BM old work to be able to see child.

10-30 Had to spend last $25.00 in fuel to have BM meet BF in Columbus at 9p/m.

10-31 Child being (lippy) demanding. Child sent to bed, time out. BF has done all BF can, to keep child stable and happy. Child's extreme attitude from the outside, BF knows it. Child told BF that child told Dr. King about all the abuse. Report says otherwise. BF told Child BF never want to hear about of anyone alleged abuse again. BF has  had it. Child took a nap at 2:15 p/m.

11-1 BM left baby and Child alone in car., while BF was on phone. Child, baby screaming. Child said, I hate her.” BM returned to car and found Child holding  hand over baby’s mouth, smothering her. Child in very bad mood again, so out of character.

11-3 BM said letter sent home from school, Child misbehaving. Interrupted our call.

11-4 Poor Child seeing a full moon, made a wish to be with BF. So sad to hear depression.

11-5 faxed letter to Judicial Standards telling how Judge is ignoring Medical Evidence and reply to TRO over BF's child passing blood being hidden from court on 9/29.

11-6 BM didn’t let Child talk to BF. BF haven’t missed a day on phone in months.

11-9 Child only talked 15 minutes. Something wrong, child very weak and tired always.

11-10 BM keeps Child out of school.

11-11 Child out of school, BM takes  child hunting yet she refuses to get  flu shot, or H1N1 vaccine, though 10 have died in Montana from it. Child has a weak immune system. BM ignores  health and safety. BM said,” The school understands hunting is a part of life.” Child so very happy to talk to BF and very excited to see BF in two days.

11-13 BM calls at 7 a/m and refuses to bring Child after she said she was coming to Billings to spend weekend anyway, unless BF give her $30.00 TAPED. BF had surgery, unable to drive, BM made BF leave a check for her friend Lorraina to pick up in BF's door. Lorraina never came, as BF was in surgery, orders to not drive. BM is refusing to bring child, EXTORTION, even though BF dropped off check with Lorraina, memo column, had to to see BF's child. BMcalls and refuses check, makes BF drive to Columbus under doctors orders to not drive to get Child. Forced to file with Court, threats, extortion BM knows BF cannot use BF's arm to drive. No money and threatens BF with her atty on Monday. BF had to sit in freezing temps waiting 7 hours in Columbus after surgery until 7:20 p/m for Child.

11-15 left mssg with BM, Child staying until 5 p/m, cause BF got sick from waiting 9.5 hours for Child in the cold for BF's child. Child said  doesn’t want to go back, said mom and SF took all of  trick or treat candy and won’t give any of it.BFI had to find  a jacket without holes and send it home with child. BF have to alert the court of the calls and harassment denying BF to see BF's child, and drive outside doctors orders. BM called at 4:15 p/m and threatened BF with the Sheriff and that BF would not ever see BF's child again. BF had to call the sheriff on BM. BM was told to leave by Sheriff.

11-16 BF went to the sheriff dept for report. Officer Nic did not mention phone threats at BF, but did make BM leave’ BM lied to Sheriff, said there is no parenting plan. Nic knew better, BF showed it to him. BF filed an addendum with Clerks office and hand served him. BM took Child’s new winter coat BF gave child and threw it on the ground. Child's is full of holes and  gets cold in it. BF TAPED THAT. BF tried to reason with BM to stop attacking BF. Child misses BF so bad. BF loves so much. BM complains about phone bill. So, BF can call  for free? BM always makes excuses.

11-18 BF got BF check back in the mail, that BM refused, cause BF wrote the truth, that BF couldn’t see Child unless BF paid her the $30.00 last Friday the 13th.

11-20 BF so depressed, try to take BF mind off little Child’s pain. Child so excited to come see BF 4 days. BF's wayward daughter who haven’t spoke to in a year called asking q’s about Child. The only time BF hears from her is when she’s doing dirty work.

(Note) She’s locked up 3 times in psych ward, guilty of death threats on phone to BF, a drug attack, and a wanted felon in Mt.) She’s ignoring a No Contact letter on purpose.

BM waits until BF call to try and pull Child’s tooth herself, while BF am on phone. You aren’t supposed to pull baby teeth. She finally stopped after BF said Twice, it was causing child pain. Child is so excited to be here 5 days next week.

11-24 BM interrupts every nite phone call with Child.

11-26 BF's Birthday. Child with mom. Dinner ready. BM came late at 2:20 p/m. Child tracking deer all day 2 miles that SF wounded, try to change visit again on Sunday.

11-27 Child crying, saying,” Daddy I don’t want you to die.” Everytime I think of it I cry. Apparently, mommy I told child BF dying. That is CRUEL to do to this child.

11-28 BM leaves mssg after 8 p/m, wants BF to bring Child back to Columbus, she’s killing deer. No fuel.

11-29BM says she’ll be late, Child glad, wants to stay. BF offered to keep Child til Thursday, BM refused. BM came at 6 p/m.

11-30 BM wouldn’t answer last nite. Twice this a/m. Asked her why they tell child BF is dying? BM denied.

12-2 1:35 p/m Neighbors above BM had to come downstairs cause Child was screaming.

12-7 Child said had a paper jump out of  cubby hole at school, has a bloody eye. Child said it happened yesterday? That was Sunday, child's not in school Sundays.

12-10 Child pee’d in the snow at Reed Point, Blood in  pee.

12-11 Child so happy, BF surprised  child at school play by coming. Child cried the night before that BF couldn’t come.

12-12 Took Child to get Christmas tree, Child jerking  head left to right, can’t see well, eyes discolored. Child very upset, BM calling child names, “Helpless.” Child said wished mom would get into an accident and die on the way here.

12-17 Judge B leaves Child with BM, never had Hearing to hear she lied about Child
medical condition that BF requested. Judge ignored psychologist testimony that SF is abusive to Child. Judge writes BF interrogate Child? BF don’t have to, Child trusts BF and tells BFeverything. BM says Child acting up at day care, enticing kids to break toys.

12-19 BM wantsBFe to bring her mom with BF to get Child, her mom having seizures. No way.

12-20 BM telling racial jokes in front of Child.

12-22 Child said spanking began Sunday, right after Judge’s decision.

12-23 Child says,”You’re the best daddy in the world,” then took off  right sock, large burn on ankle.

12-25 BM picked up Child for a few hours. Child said Christmas was awful, not allowed to play with anything, was so glad to be back.

12-27 BM came to get Child, child refused to get into her car. BF had to console child to get in.

12-29 Child very sad on phone. Still can’t play with any toys.


1-1  BM letting Child text BF's druggie daughter.

1-2  BM has never had the right to let Child contact BF's druggie kids who have been institutionalized. Just does that to piss BF off. Child crying, said SF hit very hard, wants to come back to Billings.

1-3  Sent e-mail to BM, stop beating Child, letting SF, gave her prime examples of alternatives.

1-4   BM wants BF to receive fax, wants BF to sign medical release so her friend can get Child while she’s out of state. Child is supposed to be with BF if she’s out of state. BM refuses. BM blames child for concussion of sibling. BM says she’ll ask SF if BF can get Child while she’s gone? SF has no part in such decisions with BF's child. Child called BF, very sick. BM still won’t get  free flu shots or H1N1 vaccine.

  1-6 Mike XXX long talk, Mike agrees County failed to protect Child, due to cover up, to protect themselves from monetary damages. Child very likely to believe nobody cares about, acting frustrated. Child will be high risk for suicide. Said to let  Child cuss if BF has to, Child needs to vent  anger about BM and SF,  only avenue of escape. Mike said it’s normal for Child to be frustrated, cause BFcan’t stop the abuse. Mike agrees, totally, no matter what is turned into CPS they will downgrade it to protect themselves, not kids, even Child's baby sister .

1-7 BM refuses to let Child stay here while she’s out of State, even though she kidnapped child from BF babysitter claiming (First Choice) when BF was gone. First choice not even in court order.

1-8 I returned BM’ s fax, SF not to hit Child while she’s gone or voids agreement. BM refuses BF addendum, cause it mentions SF hitting ChildBM is trying to make sure that Child has no time to see a doctor, or counselor from SF hitting Child. BF had to call BM at 9:10 a/m, Child feet covered with Athletes foot. BF had to treat and advise BM and SF will need to buy some follow up spray. Child refers to  mom as “Hellica.” BM admits that Child wears the same socks for days.

1-11 Child called BF at 6:30 p/m, said  face is all red and hurts from sliding on the ice?

1-13 Child sounded alarm on phone, said SF flipped child over his shoulder, hurt, SF grabbed phone from Child. SF knew child was beat up by 5 kids on playground and did nothing. Child asked BF to call  school over it. SF claims Child acting up at day care, saying doesn’t have to listen.

1-14 BF talked to Child school about the (Bullying) incident.

1-15 Child called and  teacher thinks  made up bullying. Child very sad, whimpering, wants to come be with BF. BF ‘thinks’ SF and BM told teacher Child is liar, to cover up any complaints child may tell them about abuse.

1-16 Child told the bullies that BF turned them in, they threatened to beat Child up if child tells.

1-18 Child got here late, misses BF so much.

1-19 BM trying to make BF drive to Belgrade, even though she’s here in Billings every weekend.

1-20 BM tells BF her ringer on phone when BF calls is song (Another one bites the dust) right in front of Child.

1-22 Child and BF in auto accident, guardrail blocking I-90 left there by D.O T, we hit it, several accidents in same spot, nobody cleared debris, just left it on blind corner at bridge. Child bumped  head on passenger glass and BF tore arm ligament. Had to go to E.R in Billings. Immed called BM. BM’s mom mad at her, told her to leave Child here with BF til storm passes, BM refused.

1-23 Child has bad blisters on mouth. Child says mommy won’t put medicine on it. BF is treating them. Child had nightmare.

1-24 BM didn’t call to see how Child was after the accident. BM called from accident scene, gave BF mile marker.

1-25 Saw Mike XXX, Mike said Child feels abandoned.

1-30 Child sick with BM, vomiting.

1-31 Child called BF at 8:30 p/m , says feels better

2-5 BM calls BF threatening BF to not get Child from school til 3 p/m, bad weather, she admits to driving 85 mph in snow, BF won’t do that . Too dark for BF to see at nite, BM knows that.  BF just made concession for her last visit, she got child early. Child heard  mom last nite threatening BF, if BF tries and get child at 2 p/m from school, she’ll call the police on BF. Child said  splashed outside BM’s bathtub, she squeezed child's face so hard that it hurt child's teeth.

2-6 Child rechecked out  shark book at school so we could read it together. SF won’t let child bring it.

2-7 Child wants to stay,  scared of mommy. Child’s scared to tell on her to school, afraid of beatings. We had a talk about  Rights to not be hurt anymore. (Note: Mike’s advice.)

Child angry at  mom all 3 days, said she doesn’t love child, hits child, hurts child. Child says BF the best in the world, just wants to cuddle with BF. All BF can do is listen to child vent frustration, with cussing, name calling, to let it out.

2-8 BF emailed BM, over threatening BF and smashing Child’s face so hard. Child with mom, out of school, up all night vomiting. BM took away Child’s toy cars got for birthday cause BF gave them to child.

2-12 BM telling Child what to say on phone. BM lets child watch horrible movies, Jaws, The Edge, Armageddon and Ghost Busters, which has a ghost giving Bill Murray oral sex. Child is being swayed, coached what to say. BM supposed to pick BF up for Child’s birthday party, told Child she was, then refused to.

2-13 BM has Child call BF early cause she’s busy. BF never allowed to, no matter what’s going on.

2-15 BM refused to let BF call Child on child's Birthday. BM put child in day care all day on child's birthday.

Saw Mike XXX, we talked about Child face being smashed by BM,  little sister being hit too. All BF can do is exactly what BF is doing, being there for Child. As Mike and BF had discussed, BF did talk to Child about why so angry losing at games. Child thinks  can control them, and not life or surroundings. Child see’s life unfair,  perception of life is unhappy with any form of abuse. Mike supports the way BF am helping Child deal with anger and frustrations. Mike also thinks Child is being manipulated and coached while  is on the phone with BF. At 7:15 p/m, Child still in day care, BM refuse to give BF babysitters phone number, says its broken? Court Order says she has to give it to BF, refuses. At 7:33 p/m, Child says it’s the worst Birthday ever. Child not allowed to use the phone at day care to call BF.

2-16 BM made Child call BF at 6:30 p/m. BF helped with homework. BM took phone from Child, mad child broke a chair by accident at day care. Child wrote (jack ass) on a piece of paper. BF knows Child was upset to write that on anything, just venting. BF told Child BF is not mad. If  wants to write to release  anger, its ok with BF.

2-19 FBI called, sent by Baucus to talk about cover up, corruption, County and CPS. BF got Child, so glad to be home, has bad cough.

2-20 Child cough very bad. Took for short walk at river.

2-21 BF put Child in bath. Child called BF in, said  heard BM telling SF that its ok to touch  privates and she thinks it is fun. All this came out after BF scolded for not wiping butt anymore. It was 9:30 a/m. Child also said it was a year ago that g/ma Jacque knew that papo showed his pee-pee to little girls. Child said thinks mom is getting ready to do something really bad too. BF returned with tape, no coaching, just repeat it. Child said  wants to talk to a policeman? BF is hesitant, this County has covered up this stuff in the past. Child out of tub, added mom thinks its okay what her dad did to little girls. Child asked BF what the word (Sexuality) means? BF asked where child heard it? Child said on a movie that mommy let child watch, where people are abducted and sexually abused. BF was numb, why bother reporting it.? BF did try and reach Deputy Muhlbeir, not in until 7 p/m. BF took Child to playground at 12:41 p/m. While child played BF called Dispatch, (Carlotta) and BF explained what was said by Child. Put on hold, Carlotta said its out of there jurisdiction. BF can’t alert Belgrade, that allows BM to threaten Child for telling. It’s a NO WIN to let her abuse Child.

Child so sad to go, looking back at BF with utter fear on  face. Had to stop child from crying.

Child had a permission slip in  back pack BF copied, for school dental care. BM refuses to get dental care. Child says she’s rich, but won’t spend any money.

2-22 Child out of school again, sick. It happens every time child goes back. BF firmly believe its  nerves, scared of mom. The look on childs face was shear fear. While just talking with BF, child felt better, hadn’t eaten all day, but was hungry after hearing BF's voice. BM said child's sick after child drinks, happened last Wed, she has refused Child any medical care.

2-23 Talked to Mike XXX on phone, told him something bad happened Sunday with Child, told BF about sex abuse.

FBI took tons of stuff. FBI said County won’t reopen BF child’s sex abuse case, would be an admission of guilt now. Bf agrees.

2-24 Saw Mike XXXs. Mike saw tape of Child in tub, disgusted BF can’t call CPS and police won’t respond. Mike suggested BF talk to Child’s principal? Mike said Child being sick when returns to mom likely do to being so frustrated, making  sick. The way it is BF don’t react to Child when tells BF anything. BF keeps cool,  distance and don’t respond to Child with sympathy or emotion. Child sees no reaction from BF no matter how upsetting it is. FBI didn’t ask Mike, if he testified that Child was abused to Judge Watters? Mike did. At 6:30 p/m, BF did notify CPS (Sharon) what has happened after Mike and BF discussed it. Told Sharon every thing, how Child gets sick after going back with mom, sex fears in the tub. Etc.

2-25 BF spoke to school principal Mark, explained Child is afraid of him,  can he make an effort to just talk to Child to ease fear. Explained BF trying to help Child with trust issues, working with counselor, to help Child trust peers. Told Mark not too fond of school counselor who dropped the ball with Child.

Mike spoke to FBI, worried about Child. Hopes and relayed that to FBI, hopes law enforcement will do right thing this time, not endangering Child more. We talked about unresolved sexual issues with mom, might be posing a danger to Child right now.

2-28 CPS never returned BF's call from last Wed. despite the report being written to contact BF first. TAPED Mike XXX reiterated to FBI something’s got to be done to save Child. So many rough years ahead of Child and so much damage already done.

3-2 Found old record, realized that AMBER listed in Court investigator report, is the same girl found at BM's home on 2-10-2006 in a three way sex fight with BM just before Child revealed molestation on 3-6-2006?

FBI says can’t do cases of child abuse, but take CPS to federal court to make them do something. FBI did listen to tape of Child 3-6-06, describing in vivid detail who was molesting child. FBI couldn’t believe the tenacity of BF trying to save BF's child. Agent doubts he could do it.

Child very whiny two days in a row, emotional on phone, crying.

3-3 Got a call from Gwen XXX, wanted to know how Child is doing? Told her what’s happened.

3-4 45 minute call from Dorothy CPS Bozeman. Told her everything BF told Hotline. Dorothy wants BF to find psych, for Child on weekends here in Billings. Important mom not find out what Child is saying or will be punished. Recalled Dorothy, talked about Child bloody underwear,  butt hurts, family members talking to Child about what papo did,  Child scared mom and SF play with child's privates, Child asking to talk to police? Child sick on Monday’s when goes back to mom’s. FEAR,  death look in  face leaving BF, working with Mike on trust issues for Child. At 2:10 p/m, BF left mssg with Dorothy, don’t trust Child around child's baby sister, gave examples, taped after being on hold to long at 2:45 p/m.

BM refused to let BF talk to Child in car, Child crying. Tried all over to find counselor on weekends, massive calls.

3-5 Got Child ,  said saw a constellation in the sky last night, it was child and BF holding hands. BM called 6:48 p/m, wants BF to keep Child til Monday, going to funeral here.

3-8 BF notice Child always grinds  teeth at night, but not second night with BF. Child says thinks mommy is getting ready to do something mean to child and BF..

Darryl XXX called, will see Child weekends. See child the 19th.

3-9 Child sick to tummy again, BM made child go to school.

3-10 Child hides from  mom, says told teacher today and principal about abuse. Child so proud and brave. It’s the first time child opened up to anyone, other than Mike XXX and BF.

3-11 Told FBI BM immed vacated address where Child molested, moved back into her mom’s.  Principal called at 1:45 p/m, talked about how good it is Child trusting others, talked about what Child said, had to report it to CPS.

BM very unusual, lets Child stay on phone?

3-13 BM refuses to let BF get Child 1 hour early to make show on time (Birthday Gift) Walking with Dinosaurs.

3-15 Out of the blue, SF takes Child and buys $100.00 worth of toys for Child?

3-16 Saw Darryl XXX, told him history, what Child said in bathtub, SF buying toys all the sudden. Even Darryl said they’re trying to shut Child up. SF yells at Child to stay in room so they can hear call with BF TAPED.

3-17 Got ChildSF went through all Child’s presents child made BF, took things away. Told Child trust issues, taking child to Darryl, safe to talk if child wants.

Talked with FBI, told what CPS did to cover up sexual abuse found by doctors, behind BF's back.

On the way to Darryl Child says wants to go to heaven, but not without BF.

3-18 Child very sad, uncle Larry died.

3-19 Child pee’d the bed. Here we go again. Having bad anger playing games when they don’t go way.

3-20 More anger with games, had to threaten to take games away. Gave Child a bath, caught child sucking on child's own breast.

3-21 BM takes Child to a funeral two weeks ago, Child doesn’t even know the person. Uncle Larry dies, BM refuses to let Child go to funeral to say good-bye.

3-22 Child very depressed when  left.

4-1 Child reports abuse to school again, hit in the face. Child says Ms. B, CPS came to see child. BF told Darryl about Child being hit on face, sucking own breast.

4-3 Child at Darryl’s. Child told Darryl about going to principal. Darryl says to call principal, let BF know when abuse occurs, not acceptable to not tell BF.  Child peed bed again.

4-4 Child back at mom’s, 7:15 p/m, wants to tell school tomorrow, something bad happened, sick today, said it hurt bad, BM caught Child making child's half sister touch child's pee-pee TAPED. (NOTE: BF warned CPS about this, Dorothy CPS did NOTHING

BM hung up on BF, refuse to let BF talk to Child. Accused BF of calling CPS.  It was Child. BF said nothing, denied it.

4-6 Child principal called, said he can’t tell BF when he has to call CPS anymore. Child not in school today.

4-7 Child in school, says nothing to BF about abuse or telling principal.

4-14 Child tells BF large injury on child's back, will be there when BF see's child?

4-15 Spoke to Darryl 9 a/m. He asked for Child's SS number. Told him of Child molesting half sister, mother did not report it. Need a plan. Sexual behavior must stop. Told him BF has had it with CPS. BF warned them 2 months ago this would happen. BF left a mssg with Dorothy , CPS did not hear back from her. BF told FBI.  BF waited ample time to see if BM would report it. No way!!!

Had long talk with Darryl. He thinks Child scared of molestation, but finds satisfaction in it, pleasing in the act. Darryl says that is typical in abused children. Darryl agreed with idea to bring it up in a session. BF brought up concerns in front of Child, then got up and left the room. Darryl said he is calling CPS to remove Child. Says BM won’t take Child to counseling cause she’s afraid of what child will say. Asked BF if BF can take Child full time? Yes.  BF told Darryl every two weeks is crap, Child needs more counseling. Darryl agreed. BF told Darryl principal won’t let BF know when Child reports abuse. Darryl dumbfounded, no way!

FBI told BF there’s not enough to prove CPS did cover up, other than the fact they didn’t do their job.

4-16 Child is refusing to tell Darryl anything. Child said afraid mom will go to jail.

4-19 Talked to Mike XXX, told him Child afraid mom goes to jail. Can’t stop crying, so worried about Child.

Faxed letter to CPS Helena, Anna Whiting Sorrell. Mssg to Darryl, afraid Child won’t open up, afraid  mommy will go to jail.

4-20 At Darryl’s advice, BF went to County Atty to get application for victim/ witness funds. They gave BF a request for a TRO and took it to Judge Baugh. Judge Denied TRO, which spelled out everything that Child has been doing.

4-21 Judge B sent the evidence to BM???? That let her know exactly what Child has said, or done with the school. In total fear for child's life, BF called Belgrade Police. Child had CPS worker Ms B, assure child that BM wouldn’t know who reported BM. Baugh just guaranteed beatings. BF spoke to Mr. Olson, who is talking to detectives. BF called Hotline CPS. They gave BF number for Heidi CPS Bozeman. BF left a mssg at 3:25 p/m. BF left Darryl a mssg. Left mssg with Mike XXX, told him what Judge did.

4-22 Olson never called BF back as he said he would. BF filed a complaint against Judge. Child on phone, said arm hurts so bad can’t write? Very depressed.

4-23 Child hurt, eye injury with ice pack, very mixed up on phone, confused. Child not responding to child's name on phone. Said hurt head in bath, didn’t make sense. Two nights in arrow head injuries?

4-27 Child crying. BM refuses to roll up her window so child can hear BF. BM tells Child to tell BF not to show up on Friday before 3 p/m. Child has been very depressed, whispers,” I wish life was like it was at Orchard School.” Child misses school here and seeing BF.

4-29 BM call BF demanding BF discipline Child for acting up at school. BF think it’s just the beginning, (Her) problem for child's depression from abuse. Child just being a little child, looking for attention.

5-1 Darryl saw Child, took BF aside, Child is opening up about abuse by BM Child told Darryl  doesn’t like BM, the mom.

5-2 Child leaving, BF eyes full of tears.

5-4 Anna S CPS writes BF letter, no report was made about Child caught with sister when child forced sister to perform a sexual act?? Note: (Wanna Bet?)

5-5 BF wrote Anna S back. Left mssg with Darryl. Saw Mike XXX. He said to show Darryl her letter. Mike completely dumbfounded how CPS is still failing.

5-8 Child is grounded at BM’s for weeks! Child said code word, said it’s bad, can’t talk. Grounded after BM found out child told scholl about abuse. Grounded for 12 weeks. 

5-9 Child is a wreck! Says  teacher tells can’t write about airplanes anymore. BF ascertained it is BM behind it, blaming teacher. BM in background, telling Child she’s taking child camping this weekend, BF's WEEKEND. Child tells BF not to come. BF recalls BM, NOT GOOD her telling Child that. BM hung up on BF and reused any calls. BM is waiting until Fridays or Saturdays to hurt Child so child can’t report it to the school the next day.

5-11 Left msg with Daryl to call BF. BM has again grounded Child for weeks, the same thing she did last time when child spoke about seeing sexual abuse, for 6 weeks. BF reported suspicious injuries of Child to CPS Hotline. Principal called, Child is going to snap from all the pressure mom is putting on child. Teacher did not tell child to not write about planes and has NOT seen any aggression that BM claims the teacher saw. Teacher called, ascertained BM is lying, behind all of this.

5-14 Child grounded for 12 weeks by BM. Told Darryl.

5-15 Child tells Darryl  grounded for 12 weeks. Child pees the bed again.

5-19 Saw Mike, Child now down playing abuse to avoid more punishment. Child not allowed to draw BF any pictures anymore, per BM, tells child that child has to buy BF's love. ABUSE!! TAPED! BM is going through Child’s back pack, removing anything she wants that child wants to bring BF. BF left a mssg with Darryl over this.

5-23 Child said mom GRILLED child on talking with Darryl.

5-26 Met with Darryl 5:00 p/m. Darryl concerned, BM called him and doesn’t even ask how Child is doing, she never called back. Darryl worried Child may have been forced to tell BM what revealed. Darryl agreed BF have to tell Child  how to protect child.

5-28 Child said child wrote a note to Darryl, spankings, threats to stop our calls by BM. BM found the note and took it out.

5-29 Worried what BM will do to Child over note he wrote to Darryl.

5-31 Child saw Darryl. Child keeping quiet. Said scared of what mom will do. Scared she will beat child over note she found. Child whining and crying to go. Child scared now to tell Darryl anything about abuse.

6-1 BM refuses to let Child and BF have our week vacation, then let BF have child fathers Day again. Saw Mike, talked about Child being scared and maybe Darryl isn’t reporting abuse.

6-4 Child says BF can’t get early, or else.

6-10 Child alerts BF, something bad happened.

6-11 Got
Child,  had a big envelope of things drew BF, BM went through all of it. SF hit child and called child a (Wimp).

6-14 Child at Darryl’s. Child note to BF, wants to be free? Free of what? Daryl questioned Child, Child replied, Free of abuse.”

6-19 Child crying again, doesn’t want to go back tomorrow to BM. Very depressed. Child said  mom is trying to take away from BF again.

6-20 BM calls BF wants BF to take Child on Wed., not BF's week. Always wants BF to make concessions, means BF wouldn’t see Child for 2 ½ weeks. No. Tornado hits.

6-23 BM tells Child BF didn’t want child this week. That is not true.

6-25 Got Child, immed  said SF threw a toy hard and hit child in the chest. BM went through everything Child made BF
6-28 BM grounded Child for 1 week. BF thought she said (taped) that she only does that 1 day at a time? Child so very depressed, missing BF.

7-7 Darryl called says he wants BM’s number again. Told him BF cannot afford meetings, dropped it to $40 til BF catch up. Darryl admits there is something really strange, BM not caring about Child.

7-9 Child very upset. Child being listened to by BM and SF on phone, is not allowed to talk in her house since last Monday. This is extremely abusive and passed emotional abuse. That is why BF can’t get off the phone at night,  forbidden to talk in her house at all. Child is STARVING for attention. Child is filthy, unbathed for one week.

7-10 BM refuses BF to come early, very hot, almost blew up our car in the heat.

7-15 Child at Darryl. Darryl said Child is trying to exercise control over everyone, because is so unhappy with mother and feels life is out of control.

7-17 Child getting very depressed at thoughts of leaving.

7-18 Child gets very emotional and cries within 1 hour of BM coming. SF doesn’t even say hello to Child

7-24 Child being mouthy, dirty looks, won’t listen?

7-25 BM shows up 1 hour early, against court order.

7-27 Child says going to Nebraska tomorrow, against court order. Jess has NO permission to remove Child out of state. I had to file trip permits twice in 3 years.

7-29 Child being very abrupt on phone for some reason.

7-31 Child abrupt on phone. Sarcastic. Friday night almost cried missing BF.

8-2 BM calls at 11:28 a/m, wants BF to take Child all week.???? Meet her in Columbus at 2:0 p/m. Got Child.Child said was beat everyday in Nebraska, in face, by BM. At 3:48 p/m, BM called said she won’t be getting Child next week, her mom will Sunday at 4:00 p/m. BM denies hitting Child.

8-3 Child at 5:00 a.m, bleeding everywhere all over bed, pouring out  nose. IBFwent to go to store at 9:30 a/m, Child gushing blood all over and car, pale, sleepy. Took  to E.R. Child told head pediatric nurse was hit yesterday morn, just before BF got child, also told doctor the same thing. They had to pack child's nose. Dr, (Bosluogh) told Child and BF it was likely due to hitting. (Note) Boslough changes his mind after being coerced by CPS Abby). BF spoke to Darryl about Child being hit 4 days in a row in Nebraska. Darryl said to call CPS. Abby calls BF from CPS 2:40 p/m and says it’s not against the law to hit your child in the face in the state of Montana.

On another note. Documented this date, Pediatric nurse said BF child don’t get bladder urinary infections, EVER, but girls do at that age. Why was  peeing blood then?

8-4 Child nose bleeds through plug twice, an hour apart.

August 7, Darryl meets with Child, working out verbal and emotional abuse issues, Mommy calls Child Bitch, Asshole, jerk.

August 8, BF is positive BM knew she had injured Child, hitting  in the face. Had BF take child to doctor so it looks like it happened in BF's care. This has happened before.

August 19, BM calls BF at 10a/ get Child early. Child has upset stomach. On the way home BF found out BM has filed a false report to the FWP, tells them BF have been shooting beavers at the river? BM tried to have Child be in BF's care and arrested in front of child. She is angry BF took Child to the hospital with the bloody nose. She always retaliates. Child said thinks mom made up lies about BF just before BF came, hiding on the phone in her room.

August 22, BM admits she’s lied to FWP in complaint she called in. She knew all along it was BF's landlord who was killing beavers. Landlord threatened BF's life because he got into trouble and exposed himself naked to Child, threatening to sexually assault BF.

BF was served an unlawful eviction after BF was forced to file TRO on landlord. Threatening gunfire behind BF's windows, unsafe to even remain in home with Child Had to leave.

Child and I lost our home of 4.5 years as a direct result of BM’s harassment and lies about BF. BF lost over $10,000 in the loss of our home.

September 17, Child hit so hard in  face by BM child screamed.

Had to live with friends for 2 weeks, homeless, until we could find a new home.

October 15, Child has a broken tooth and other damaged. BF Calls BM TAPED, she says she will take care of it.

October 28, Child crying loudly on phone, says has no friends except BF.

October 29, BM calls BF at 8:02 a/m. has BF pick up Child, out of school, sick, fever, stomach, pain, pale.

October 30, Child sweating bad, nausea, fell asleep with head in a bucket.

October 31, Kept  diet bland.

November 1, I spoke to Bev at Office of Public Assist. Told her how bad Child health is. BM not providing medical, dental. Bev gave BF referrals to contact for help.

November 2, BM’s mom and BF trying to find a dentist here on Saturdays. None found.

**November 8, confront BM about Child’s teeth. Not taking child to dentist. TAPED  stomach still sick, she refuses medical care. Child whispers on phone, 11 bad things have happened by  mom in one week.

November 9, Got Child, 13 bad things happened, hitting.

*November 14, Child being aggressive with neighbor kids, BF told BM. Neighbor parent having trouble with Child, bossy. Child too isolated by BM, not allowed to play with other kids, made to be responsible for raising baby sister.  Child starts complaining memory getting bad, can’t even remember yesterdays at school.

November 15, worried about Child, BM refusing medical or dental, or counseling. BM unstable. BM oblivious to Child’s severe needs.

Spoke to BM at 7:40 p/m, she said Child crying, doesn’t want to share BF with other kids.

Spoke to BM’s mother over 1 hour. Jacque informs BF how mean BM and SF are to Child when she lived with them. Admits how horrible and sad it is to see Child abused. Child ignored, starving for attention. Admits BM won’t apply for Free medical through State, to prevent BF from obtaining care for Child when with BF. BM afraid Child will tell doctors about abuse by BM and SF. BM forces Child to call SF (dad).

Chantel at OPA gives BF leads to help Child. Call Tumbleweeds program. BF spoke to N. BF called “Ryan” , per Nicole, head of CPS over Bozeman, he kept silent. Told him Dorothy refuses to return any calls. He said go to Court.

BF spoke to “Mary” at CPS Hotline at 6:45 p/m. . Informed her BM refusing care, blocking medical care, Mary refused to listen to BM’s admissions on tape.

November 16, BF spoke to BM at 8:26 a/m, trying to work with her to get Child help. BM says Child misses BF horribly. When BF tried to explain why acting out, too much pressure raising sister, BM hung up on BF. BF had already filed an Appeal with the State Healthy Montana kids to get child insurance, its denied unless child spends 50 % of  time with BF. BF called Child’s school for a list of Dentist they may have through school. Nurse (Connie) is to call BF.

Taped, BM refuses to let Child watch a Scooby Doo movie got from BF's home. Says its too violent, yet lets Child watch Jaws, Lake Placid, The Edge and other extremely violent films. BF tried to assure Child BF is trying to find Child a dentist.

BM VERY drunk on the phone. BF Worried about the kids. Slurring her speech. Babbling. Child still says having trouble with memory. BF doesn’t know the cause of this. BM followed Child to the potty to listen into our call. BF spoke to St. Vincent Advise Nurse. She said child needs to be seen.

School nurse Connie called BF at 9:10 a/m. We talked about Child memory problem and child's bad teeth. Connie went to see Child. Told her Child said was hit 15 times in two weeks. Child denied dentist for 33 days now.  BF found Child an dental apt in Livingston and called BM. Mad at BF for (Planning her life) Taped.

**School nurse Connie thinks Child suffering from anxiety. Connie said she was troubled in lengthy meeting with Child. Child kept saying very negative things about mommy.

BF called CPS Hotline, (Lishka) told them about teeth, BM not getting care, Child didn’t tell nurse about being hit in face. Again BF is told, its not illegal to hit your child in the face. Just don’t leave a mark.

November 19, Bozeman dentist has opening for Child. BF called BM and gave her number and address. BM called at 12:20 p/m, dentist wants to pull bad tooth. BM puts them off until December 15th. BM lied about applying for benefits TAPED BM says she called two dentist, BF checked, NO CALLS FROM BM. TAPED

November 20, Child very sad and depressed, wants to see BF. Child wants to be with BF for 5 days, BM listening, yells at child.

November 22, Mike XXX cannot believe CPS letting Child suffer like this.

***November 23, Taped, BM calls at 9:27 a/m, admits Child has bad stomach problems for a long, long time. She has done nothing about it. Nothing. Child is sick at BM’s again. I updated Darryl while making next appointment.

November 25, BM made BF drive to Reed Point to get Child, sick to stomach. Child immediately said they were all drunk. Mommy hiding in her bedroom at home for twenty minutes, makes child watch baby sister alone.

***November 26, BM’s mom and sister come for Thanksgiving dinner. Jacque says BM threatening her to never see children again if she tells BF anything about abuse.

***November 27, Child playing with neighbor girl Bayleigh, 9 years old. They found Child stuffed toys that BF had hidden from child. Child held up tail on stuffed dog, told Bayleigh to lick privates, then child lick hers. BF immediately took Child aside. Child said  doesn’t know why said that. BF explained it’s inappropriate.

November 28, BF left mssg with Darryl over what Child with Bayleigh and the stuffed toys. BM demanded Child early, saying there was Blizzard warnings and she needed to get back to Belgrade a.s.a.p. got Child at 2:10 p/m. No Warnings, lied, went to Wal Mart met with her mom, then to Reed point. Refused to let BF talk with child at 6:25 p/m, just arrived home.

November 29, Child missing BF bad. BM refuses call at designated time, making BF miss Salvation Army dinner bus.

December 1, BF had to call Child’s dentist in Bozeman and make appointment for full exam, on December 28, 2010 at 8 a/m. BF spoke to BM TAPED at 6:05 p/m, she acknowledged Child appointment with dentist Dec. 28 at 8 a/m. JBM tries to disrupt BF's Court ordered weekend with Child.

December 6, BM wants BF to get Child early on Thurs. keep child out of school Friday for Holiday.

December 7, Darryl called at 5:34 p/m, said he just got my mssg from 9 days ago, doesn’t know what went wrong with his service. Darryl said due to what Child has been exposed to, will have to be retrained re: the stuffed animals. Child needs to be supervised at all times. BF told Daryl BF has had to talk with Bayleighs mom about what happened , she’s understanding.

BM’s mom called BF, said she would not be seeing the kids if not for BF. Talked about Child’s abuse and neglect at BM’s. Jacque had to hang up on Child as BM promoting  to be mean to own grandma.

December 9, Jacque said BM moving to Helensville, Mt. trying to take Child away.

***BF saw Child standing in BF's living room holding a cross BF gave child a long time ago, eyes closed, praying. BF asked child what child prayed for? Child replied, “A new mommy.”

***Dec. 11, Child and Devin, age 7, Bayleighs brotherChild says likes to look (UP) girls privates. BF called child aside. BF asked why child said that? Child said, “I don’t know.” Then Child said child does all the time when changing half sister's diaper and wiping her.

**Dec 12, Darryl called at 1:53 p/m. BF told him what Child said to Devin. Darryl doesn’t recall saying (retrain Child). Darryl said Child needs 120 hours per week of constant supervision. With all kids, NOT at BM's house. We talked about writing a report, that he forgot we discussed two weeks ago. BF reminded him this Judge needs something in writing, as BF have dealt with him before. Darryl asked about the Bill? BF again explained BM is responsible for half the cost, but BF have to get before a Hearing.  Darryl said he would write something. ***Child said thinks his mommy has a camera in child's bedroom?***

Dec 13, IBFspoke to Child at 6:25 p/m. child said  was in the bath with half sister? BM was not in the room. Child complained tummy hurt.

***Dec 15, BF finally spoke to Child, he FINALLY got broken tooth pulled 2 months after it broke.

*Dec 17, BM changing her mind, trying to disrupt Christmas with Child, which is BF's weekend.

***Dec 20, BM going ballistic. Trying to ruin Christmas. Her mom called BF crying,  BM told her to return all Child’s gift she’ll never see child again. Jacque admits BM using Child as a pawn. Admits her own daughter is mentally ill. BF told Jacque she can come see Child here, it’s okay. BM is keeping all family away from Child, against Darryl’s advice and BF's understanding how important it is for Child to be surrounded by family.

**Dec 22, Jacque and BF went to get Child in Belgrade. BF picked up Child at school. As soon as child saw Grandma Jacque in the car, child said,”Grandma, I’m sorry my mommy is threatening you.”

Dec 23, Jacque and aunt Julie came with Child’s presents. Child said that mommy told BF was in prison ?

***Dec 25 Christmas Day, BM came at 8:00a/m, very angry with BF that BF let her mom see Child, and began ranting about some medical report she got alleging her mom knew she was sexually abused by her dad and covered it up. This was in front of Child. BF stopped her, and had Child get in the car. BM said Child wrote her a note, calling her a sex machine? BF informed her what Child has done to the neighbor kids. BM denied Child changes sisters diaper. That is  not what Child said. BM said the reports she got prove she was not a virgin at 8 years of age. BM has already admitted to BF that she raped her little brother at that same age? Child did not want to go with BM and cried. BF told child BF would see later, and child said,’Yeah daddy but that’s six hours from now.” Child very upset. BF picked up Child in COLUMBUS AT 2:20 P.M, SF late.

Dec 26, Jacque called BF at 9:00a.m, explained BF don’t want to talk, Child here. Jacque called back at 2:34 p/m and wanted to know what BM said? BF explained BF don’t want to be in the middle of it. BM is accusing her of sexual abuse, or covering it up. Jacque asked for Darryl’s phone number? BF gave it.

***Dec. 27, BF called Dentist, Child has been in new pain, large black hole, barely able to chew, can  appointment be used for emergency repair, as opposed to exam. Yes. Spoke to Darryl at length, told him more sexualization by Child. Dentist called back, changing tomorrows appoint to emergency repair on painful black tooth.
TAPED, JBM calls at 9:24 a/m, accusing her mom of sexual abuse, or cover up. BF reminds BM about her raping her little brother. BM admits she may have lost her virginity then. BM says Child mouth in pain, she has given child an adult pain killer ALEVE, which she previously claimed the dentist told her to do. BM blames Child sexualization on her own mother? BM denies letting Child change diapers, or any bed wetting. BM admits she knows about Child’s emergency tooth appointment tomorrow at 8 a/m.

Dec 28, Jacque called, said she spoke to Darryl yesterday. He told her the same thing BF did.

**** BM refuses to take Child to his emergency dental appointment. Says she forgot, says Child sick. BM has known about appt for 3 weeks, including admitting to talking to dentist office yesterday? TAPED

BF called CPS Hotline and reported it.

***At 4:20 p/m, BM said, “You don’t have the right to record me anymore.***” That violates are Defacto Taped Agreemnet on 2/5/2005 Taped in Denny's Resteraunt. taping is FOREVER.

Dec29, BF prepared Motion for Court. BF left mssg for Darryl at 8:35 am. BF left a mssg with Child’s school principal, per Nicole, concerned, Child may be sexualizing one girl in particular, Brenda, who named stuffed toy after. There is a concern that Child’s bed wetting isn’t, but possibly wet dreams? BF spoke to St. V’s advice nurse regarding it.

**Phone call from Darryl. Meet him and pick up Report for Judge.

I spoke to Jacque, family needs to shit or get off the stool. Child in trouble and needs our help.

Dec30, BF filed TRO and Motion. Only Judge in building was G. Todd, obviously didn’t read Report, denied Emergency request. Spoke to County Atty Angie, victim/ witness, she asked for copy of Darryl’s report to give new County Atty Scott Twido, possible to reopen old sex abuse case, told BF to go back to Sheriff.

Tumbleweeds, Nicole  called, said she “thinks” she has BM convinced to file for health benefits that are free through state. Central Intake had BF fax Darryl’s report directly to them.

BF called Mary Peterson and left BF's number at CPS Helena. Mary refused to get involved.

BF faxed Darryl’s Report to Belgrade Police, Officer We. Wel said he would call BF back, he never did.

Dec 31, Child at 6:00 p/m said he had to go see the Sheriff at noon today. That is all that was said, except child's teeth are hurting bad. TAPED


Jan.1, Child whispers, TAPED, mommy hiding boo’s in her room.

**Jan 3, left Darryl mssg, what Child said. Spoke to St. V’s advice nurse at 7:00a/m., about ALEVE drug and BM is using it for Child. NO!! Never for pediatric use per hospital and hospital pharmacy. Nurse was “Jane.” Jane said to call CPS.
 Told CPS Hotline “Brent” at 7:15 a/m, about BM and ALEVE drug she’s giving Child. Again BF request a call back, that’s twice in one week. Nobody has called BF from CPS.

BF left a very detailed mssg with Ann at the County Atty office at 8:15 a/m. per Angie Fox. Ann never returned Bf'sw call. Its’ re: reopening sexual abuse case.

Jan 3, Principal Mark  and BF spoke. He was very glad BF alerted him. All school supervisors to monitor Child more closely. School stood by for confidential fax of Darryl’s report, for Principal only.

BF called Montana Child Support, to try and retrieve funds to pay Child’s costs. Supervisor “Wayne,” said CPS is a failure. He spent 30 years as Ohio Police Officer, and Montana is failing kids. Call was very long.

Jan 5, Tumbleweeds Nicole gave BF numbers for sexual specialists Amy Russ and Mike Sullivan. BF called  both numbers, accidentally misdialing and leaving a mssg. A career school teacher Arlee called BF back. Wrong number, but has seen this before in 1st and 2nd grade, CPS failing to protect kids. Her number was 861-4560, supposed to have dialed 4566. Amy Russ urged me, Keep calling CPS. Amy said she cannot believe they haven’t gone after BM for medical neglect.

Child’s spacer that the dentist installed, fell out. Next appt, Feb 10th.

BF sent letter to Anna Whiting Sorell head of CPS Helena.

BM’s attorney sent letter, requesting Withdraw as her atty.

Mike S wants to treat child, if Darryl can’t, wants to talk with Darryl.

BF had a long talk with Child’s great grandma. The family has hidden all these facts. She said BM has refused her to see the children too. She added, BM is a liar and is hurting child.

Jan 6, A fax from the dentist. They NEVER prescribed ALEVE. Faxed letter to CPS Hotline, Brent. BF texted BM immed. Don’t give Child ALEVE. She threatened BF to not text her. BF called BM. She insists the dentist is to blame, until BF read her the letter. She's caught

Jacque called, she’s writing a letter to the Court. BF Filed an Ex-Parte. BF met with Dep Ellis at Sheriff, per Angie at Ctty Atty’s office. He said if  he were me, he would not return Child to BM, after we discussed reports, and, added that the Sheriff Dept will not enforce the Parenting Plan if BM tries to remove Child on Sunday.

Spoke to Darryl. Darryl to start psyco-sexual training Sat. at 9:00 a/m. Jacque soft soaped her letter to the Court. BF called her, gave her the opportunity to fix. She’s afraid.  Deputy E to call BF after he talks to Angie, never did. BF tried to see her, unavailable.

Jan 7, Deputy El called BF at 8:14 a/m. Said they filed a suspicious report case # 11-700229 over BM.  He said IBF have to go to Billings Police to file a new report according to Ms. Fox. BF have to go get Child, no time for Billings P.D.

BF arrived in BozemanChild supposed to be picked up by BF at dentist office, per BM. BF had called her to see if she needed for BF to get child from school, at 10 a/m. No, she said, she will take child to dentist, says childs sick to tummy, she gave child tums.  BF arrived at 12:05, bought Child lunch on the way, BM leaving the dentist, pulling out and left Child alone in the waiting room. Dentist office said BF didn’t have time to leave, BF looked up Police address, but Child was due out of exam. BF met with dentist Rachel. 11 more bad teeth. Two are emergencies, 2 are adult teeth. Got copy of Report.

BF called CPS Hotline and faxed Dental Report.

BM called at 5:40 p/m, BF was very busy. BF called her back. BF told her child had 11 more bad teeth. She didn’t respond. Then said, ‘We’ll get em fixed.”

**Child only took a few bites of dinner, then was in pain in tummy.

**Jan 8, Child went to see Darryl, child told Darryl what child said to the neighbor kids, but did soft soap what's said to Bayleigh. That was BF's fear of telling BM what happened. Child has been coached. Child did tell the truth of child's comment to Devin.

** BF inquired Darryl’s professional opinion about what the Sheriff office said? He asked if BF recorded it? BF said, No. He said he agreed under the circumstance, that BM's home was not safe. Darryl said that Child told him about what child did to the kids next door. Darryl gave Child a cookie of sort. BF told Darryl BF needed to get Child to a doctor. BF left and Child told BF after leaving that child heard mommy on the phone, after Lisa from CPS left, saying, “Lisa gave me a prize and they’re going to take Child away from his daddy within six months.” My heart was in my throat.

BF called Billings Clinic, in the meantime  Child had eaten Darryl’s cookie and was in pain. BF was told to go to pediatrics before noon. BF arrived about 11:00 a/m. When asked how long child was suffering, BF responded with the truth. BF was sent to the E.R.

(((((((BFspoke to Officer R at Police Dept. he pulled up file on the computer. In the file, he said BM admitted to Child making sexual contact, no details. He said he would update Officer Sh.)))))))))

In front of BM’s mother Jacque and BF, Dr. Ny said Child should not be around other children. BF assured TOTAL supervision. The hospital attempted to call BM and get her permission for Child’s psychiatric care. BM REFUSED.
BF met with officer G of PD. Filed report.

Jan 9, Child in a lot of pain at 10:25 a/m. BF had to call (Kay) at Billings Clinic, she said to go ahead and give all 20mg of Pepsid at once, instead of two 10mgs. Kay read chart, also said I shouldn’t send Child back to mom’s. Child went to bed, freezing and pale. BM threatened in text that she would file complaint against BF.

**Child told BF and Jacque afraid of mom, but told Jacque even more, that child's afraid she’ll hurt child, drunk all the time and hurts child.

BF was in the kitchen when Child talked to grandma, saw BM pull behind BF car at 3:56 p/m. BF stayed inside, porch and my door locked. Sgt. P Sheriff called BF and asked what was going on? He said BM accused me of (Flipping her off) and BF explained that’s impossible, BF's windows are covered and BF has been inside.

Sgt. P and Deputy E came, BM left immediately. E was mad, said he meant for BF to understand that it was off the record when he told BF not to return child. He said something about hearing from New Day, where Darryl works. Paris said the child stays with BF. Deputy E. spoke to child alone in bed.

By 5:30 p/m, Child turned extremely pale. BF asked if BF could do anything to help? Child said I think you better take me to the doctor. BF was shocked, because Child hates doctors or hospitals. Child in a lot of pain, BF headed back to the E.R and called Sgt.P and told him.

BM tried calling E.R as we were leaving Discharged. Nurse Jamie told her we were gone. We left at 9 p/m. Instructions were to return with fever or repeated vomiting.  BF hadn’t even got keys in my pocket, Child screamed getting sick and ran to the bath. Child had vomited horrible over and over and there was clearly blood in it with bloody mucous. BF called E.R back, return right away.

Child unable to walk, too weak, still vomiting in E.R, smaller particles of blood and lighter in color.
BM stormed in waiving the parenting plan around saying, “I’m the parent and I’ll make all the decisions”. BF had had to caution her if she didn’t stop it BF would have to ask her to leave. Child heart rate high, suffering dehydration. IV put in and was still freezing with 7 hot blankets on child, shivering cold.

Leaving the hospital, BM bent down to Child and said “I miss you. Do you miss mommy?” Child shook  head, and said,”No, but I miss my sister.” BM stared angry at Child.

Got Child to bed and called CPS Intake (Nancy). She told BF to get Restraining order.

Jan 10, Filed Motion in Court, got Child special foods. Left Darryl mssg. BM called me twice at 9:34 a/m as BF was driving. Left mssgs, didn’t even ask how child was? BF called her back, she said Child has appoint. With specialist at noon. BF checked on that, spoke to Paula at Dr. Marin’s office. Paula said they are (Nervous) to see Child, that BM called telling all kinds of stories about cops and stuff. BF told Paula BF will be there, not to worry. BM almost cost us this doctor.

Went to Dr. M, BM told M that she has no doctor in Belgrade because (BF) cost her the only doctor and nobody will see Child? Lied. BF let it go. On the way out, BM asked Child who child wanted to go with? Child said, “daddy.” BM grabbed child by child's arm and jacket and tried to force child into her car. Child broke free of her and jumped in BF car. BM almost hit us backing out and tailgated BF four blocks so close BF couldn’t see her headlights. BF called Dispatch, they couldn’t hear BF, bad signal. BF had to call them back. BF was almost home by then. They said BF would have to return to Billings to file complaint. Child more important, put child to bed.

Dispatch said there was some complaint filed about it so BF called Capt Bill M at Sheriff office. BM trying to file criminal charges but nothing sent to County Atty. BF reported to CPS what BM did at doctors. BF called BPD detective division at 2:45 p/m., case not assigned yet.

Jan 11, BF spoke to Sarah B. at Billings Clinic, MS Pediatric Social Worker, former CPS worker. Told her BF's concerned that BM may pull something again today at Pediatric appoint.

Lisa CPS called BF, said child staying with BF until after surgery Wed. BF told Lisa what Child said, that she gave mommy prize, taking me away from child forever in 6 months. Lisa denied anything of the sort.

BF's car won’t start, had to call Jacque for ride to appoint. BM tells DR. A, BF cost Child any appt in Belgrade? BF called Lisa, CPS, told her what BM is saying in front of Child in these exams.

Lisa again, sent her 3 pages from Belgrade Clinic by Fax, over lies BM and SF told Belgrade Clinic in past. Saying, “BF had order not allowing BF to see Child’s medical records, lied to doctor. Hospital called, they had Child down for wrong procedure, colonoscopy instead. BF corrected and called BM. BM angry that hospital called BF. BF explained BF has a right to be called and see records. BM said she’s never stopped that? BF told her BF just faxed proof to Lisa. BM hung up on BF.

BM told BF Child can’t eat past 5 p/m tonight. BF checked with Surgeon, lie, not til after midnite.

Jan 12, surgery day. Nurse “Kevin” asked if they could give Child flu shot when child was asleep. BF said yes. BM mad, said its not BF decision sarcastically, says you wanna read the Parenting Plan? BM then asks Child, “Do you want your flu shot when you’re asleep?” Child said “No.” BM stood by child’s decision? Nurse looked up at the ceiling. Child had no right to be asked that question child’s only 7 years old. Nurse finally convinced BM to allow flu shot after 10 minutes.

Dr, M said bad inflammation, Child has GERD, took biopsy. Upon leaving, Child began crying, kept looking back at BF as BM walked away, eyes full of tears. Child did not want to go.

BM gave Child French fries for dinner, bad on list.

Jan 13, BM refused to let BF talk to Child on our nightly call. BF have talked to Child every night for 18 straight months, never failed. BM said its not in parenting plan. BF had to call Belgrade for a welfare check, hoping Child okay. Officer W went to see Child called BF and said Okay. BM had Officer W tell BF to not call back.

BF left Lisa mssg at CPS what BM did, after 18 months of calls to BF's child which have been instrumental in learning math, spelling etc and child's only chance to tell BF if there’s an emergency, like mommy drunk with kids alone.

Jan 14, long talk with Lisa. Child depressed, not drawing anymore, says nobody cares, gotten worse rapidly last couple months, worried about  self esteem.

BF filed new reports in Court that BF got from hospital and police. Sent with letter to Belgrade and Lisa.

BF called Child at 7:15 p/m, BM let talk only 10 minutes.

1-14 Filed new reports in Court. Long talk with Lisa B CPS Bozeman. Child depressed, it’s not about BF love, or BM’s, it’s about Child not loving self anymore. Child on timer by BM, allowed only 10 minutes.

1-15 Child only allowed 5 minutes, BM tried to shut us off at 2 ½ minutes taped.

1-18 Mssg from Darryl, left BF package to read on kids under his door last Tuesday, forgot to tell BF?  Faxed 17 page summary to Belgrade Police and CPS Bozeman.

Mailed 3 Subpoena’s, Jacque, Julie, School for records. BM tells Child (Slanderous tells child to call BF by first name) is on the phone, taped, not daddy.

1-19 Subpoena Darryl . Filed Request for Interim Order with Court, never heard back, ever.Left Darryl mssg. Witnesses BF supplied are totally ignored. Officer W 3:33 p.m, called, closed case on BM???? BM at 7:30 p/m, says Child swallowed Dental Spacer, metal in child's tummy. Said she left mssg with Urgent Care earlier today, they never called her back????  BF asked why she didn’t call advice nurse. She said she doesn’t have number????BF gave her the number. BM called at 10:00 p/m, said she took Child for x-ray, staple caught in child's intestine.

1-20 Long talk with CPS Lisa. Left Lisa tape mssg over phone, Child drunk by mother. Darryl called, said Officer W didn’t close investigation, sent him paperwork.  Told Darryl about video of 2-21-10 why BF kept it, afraid of child being more punished.  BM at 7:15 p/m, Child hasn’t pooped metal, may need surgery.BF told BM, give some prune juice and take Child for walk to help pass metal. BM refuses.

1-21 Child at Dr. M at 2:00 p/m, BM comes, tells BF Child can have no white bread at all, does NOT reveal she bought white bread and gave child a lot of fat in crackers on the way to appt. Dr. confirms what BF told BM, could have given Child prune juice. Staple still stuck in child's stomach. Child at hospital, another x-ray. Child with BF. On way home Child tells BF what had for lunch. BFcalled BM, got her to admit what Dr. M said twice, no white bread, then confront her Taped, she admits to feeding child food not supposed to have just before dropping child off with BF. BF called CPS and left mssg. Child dehydrated, skin peeling off  lips, very thirsty. Before dinner, Child puts hand on BF's leg and says,”Mommy is trying to make me sicker again daddy.”

1-22 Child at Darryl’s. Just leaving, saw something wrong, Child sad. Darryl said wasn’t. Later Child revealed not happy with questions Darryl asked about touching little sister. Child very emotional today. At 12:40 p/m Child passed staple in poop. BF let BM know and Dr. M office.

1-23 BM comes to get Child. Child scared to go with her. BM tells BF  has to buy Prilosec for Child, not sharing pills with BF. BF left Lisa mssg and called Hotline, who hung up on BF the first time. Reported what BM did, intentionally fed Child bad food to make child sicker while under BF's care, AGAIN.

1-24 Spoke to Darryl about Child being upset at questions he asked. Maybe guilt. Darryl asked if BF think Child may be pitting against mom. No. CPS not retuned BF's call about BM making Child sick. BM told Dr. M that HMK be approved today. BF called HMK, BM lied to Doctor M, not approved for 1 month or more. BFsent fax to Marin, warning her BM not following child's dietdiet.

1-25 Sent fax to Lisa and Anna Sorrell, re: timeline of sexual problems of Child last 6 years.

1-26 Lisa B calls, just as BF walk into Mike XXX Office at 10:00 a/m. Mike witnessed call. Told her what BM did. Letter from Belgrade P.D, closing case, erroneous info in report, faxed to Darryl and spoke to Darryl. Darryl upset, report is wrong, does not reflect truth of his contact with police. Also, Aleve in report, does not match medical reports from two hospitals or Dr. M. Police didn’t even ask Dr.M about Aleve, just read the box. BF faxed proof to Belgrade P.D. and to Darryl at his request. Police report does not reflect what Dentist told BF, or gave BF in writing last visit?

1-27 Fax letter to Dr.M and Aleve evidence to Lisa B as well. School Records came, show 16 days missed this year by Child? Unknown by BF. Lisa wants meeting with BF in Livingston, with her supervisor Barbara tomorrow at 1:00 p/m. Has BF call Barbara, Ryan there from Helena? Refuses to let BF record tomorrows meeting. Wants BF to bring tapes of BM. Belgrade officer W called BF, refused to answer questions as to why he refused to contact witnesses BF supplied him. Told BF to talk to his supervisor.

1-28 Took witness, Tom S with BF to meeting with CPS. CPS heard just a few minutes of tape, wanted copy and took BF's diary of last two years and copied it for their records. CPS did not copy evidence that Child tooth was removed by (Fragments) that BM made child suffer with for 60 days without care. CPS did not copy disturbing pictures Child has drawn. All CPS wanted was tapes and BF personal diary? CPS said they are doing a TIA investigation, explained little, said they issue BF a gas card to attend meetings, appoint an atty for BF, one for BM and one for Child. BF called Lisa after BF got home at 4:55 p/m, she’s still in office. Spoke again about TIA. At meetings Lisa and Barbara say Darryl will be Child's psych and at meetings, now Lisa said Darryl won’t be? BF had already left a mssg with Darryl. Lisa also refused Court Transcript from April 3, 2006, proving Child was exposed to sexual material by BM in her home based business of selling sex toys. ALL THEY WANTED IS BF's DIARY!

Another recent tape they heard, is January 21, 2011, BM HID from BF that she KNEW Child was not to have white bread, admits she knows doctor’s orders, but ignored them.

Barbara tried condoning BM showering naked with Child, cause it was on a (Time schedule) disregarding that she’s showering naked with a Child who has bad sexual issues going on. Even BF's witness couldn’t believe that one. Lisa took name and number of BF's neighbor Dannielle, who’s kids Child said sexual statements to.

Upon leaving BF challenged CPS, look at what happens to Child and BF, every time BM finds out Child has revealed abuse to anyone. A pattern of more abuse immediately punishing Child for talking.

BF left a mssg with Ryan (Supervisor) in Helena, and tried to reach him still in Livingston, Ryan never returned BF's call.

1-29 CPS NEVER explained to BF, either in meeting, or on phone afterwards, what their intentions are, found in a book they sent home with BF. CPS Book says they are removing Child from BF CARE? BF is the ONLY one who has taken care of Child!!!BF immed. Faxed letter to Lisa B at CPS Bozeman Office, reneging any papers they had BF sign, and pointing out they never explained any such thing to BF at al. BF confirmed every thing they said at meting with BF's witness. CPS never said Child would be taken from BF's care. BF has been TRICKED.

CPS has BF only copy of tapes, which PROVE beyond any doubt, BM has lied bout care, lied about trying to get insurance, refused medical, dental care, even emergencies, missed appointments, emotionally abused Child etc, etc. Other tapes they heard, BM showering naked with Child, Child drunk, BM lying about a doctor being out of town so BF would miss child's appointment, BM admitting Child caught forcing  little sister to touch child sexually, and a  concussion of  half sister, blamed on Child, child hit by SF. BF challenged CPS to see if half sister got medical attention for concussion.

Left a mssg with Darryl. He never called back. BF worked on Summary of Journals.

1-30 Worked on Summary of Journal til BF couldn’t anymore from pain.

1-31 This is all so wrong. Summary proves child sick on Monday’s, fear of returning to BM on Sunday’s. Finally caught up to date in Summary this morning. BF supposed to be in Court at 9:00 a/m, with BM’s atty. BF left a mssg at 7:30 a/m, with Lisa, call BF it’s urgent. BF left mssg for Darryl at 7:44 a/m, urgent, call BF. BF nerves are destroyed. Hands are shaking, almost pee self. Only 1-2 hrs sleep per nite, except when Child was here. Only time BF know child's safe.

Darryl called BF at 8:21 a/m, cannot believe CPS is trying to take Child from BF's care, if they are. CPS won’t return BFcalls. Court, BM’s atty didn’t show up. Judge B Granted his Motion to Withdraw as her atty, and told BF to File Rule 10 today, mail BM a Copy. BF went home, prepared, back to Court, Filed Rule 10 copy to Judge and mailed to BM. BF have tried calling Lisa B several times, no answer. BF have tried the other CPS person “Barbara,” the Supervisor that was at the meeting, twice, won’t take BF call. BF left a mssg with Mike XXX. Spoke to A.W.A.R.E, in Billings, Erin , faxed P-Plan and Darryl’s Report to her.

CPS NOT returning BF calls by 1:40 p/m, either Livingston, or Bozeman, Lisa and Barbara.

Forced to call Ryan Toffilmire in Helena. At 1:55 p/m, what is going on? Read him Book, CPS gave BF. He has no copy of that Book and he’s the supervisor. IS BF's SON BEING REMOVED FROM BF's CARE? Not to his knowledge. Told him Lisa and Barbara NOT returning BF calls. Ryan is Supervisor, but not getting involved with case, leaving it up to Lisa and Barbara. Ryan agrees to help find out what’s going on, doesn’t know if they are leaving Child in BM’s care during TIA, says up to them and Judge? Told Ryan BF still have Hearing this Friday, need BF's tapes back that BF loaned Lisa, a.s.a.p. Ryan agreed to find out answers? Some boss!!!

Fax from Lisa, sorry about Book they gave BF, not taking Child from BF's care. BF sent her letter back and a letter to Darryl XX.

Talked with Darlene and Jacque, fed up with them hiding abuse of child for so long. Child at 7:15 p/m, sick, out of school again, 101.5 fever, said took Aleve, then changed it to Vicks? BM in background telling child what to sayChild said  tummy hurts. TAPED. BF left mssg with Lisa.

2-1 Child sick, tummy hurts, given chocolate by mom, bad cough, no school. Hasn’t gone poop in 2 days, made to stay in chair by SF, can’t get up unless  goes potty. Chocolate is a DO NOT FEED by Dr.M's Orders. Given 2 scoop of ice cream, only to have 1 scoop according to Child.

2-2  BFsent Fax to Lisa B at 7:30 a/m, regarding the above, and CPS refusal to protect this child. Many details of BM refusal to follow doctors orders for YEARS.
BF went to Dr. M’s and got copies of the food list BM has from Dr.M and faxed to Lisa at CPS. NO CHOCOLATE BF also found out BM lied, in writing to BF about how much Krytlose to give Child. BM wrote ¾ teaspoon. Child is supposed to be 1 full pack, half twice per day. BF called HMK, BM lied to BF, the doctors and everyone else, she NEVER applied for insurance last month. Never! HMK spent 15 minutes trying every variable of spellings, no app ever turned in as BM claims. BF did find out that Child was on Medicaid, until February 2009 which she also hid from BF. CPS never returned BF calls from today. BF left two mssgs with Lisa .

At 7:15 p/m, Child still sick to tummy, saw a doctor, BM refused to tell BF. BM states Darryl never calls her back, lies. TAPED, BM not feeding prescribed dosage per doctor. BM told BF that BF has no right to know if Child has Medical insurance???

2-3 Sent Fax Court doc’s to Lisa, proving BM ignores doctor orders, lost custody 3 days over same thing she’s doing now, word for word, in 2004. Also left Lisa another mssg, get Court Transcript 9-29-09 from Judge B. BMcommits perjury, lies to Judge about serious health issues of Child. Filed another Ex-Parte request. Mailed BM Copy.

RE-checked with Paula at Dr. ’s beforeBF bought scripts for Child, BM HAS bought the wrong drug (Prevasid) may be causing stomach problems. Chart says (Prilosec), so BF bought that. BF mailed Lisa at CPS 36 page Diary Summary. BF left another mssg for Lisa to call BF at 11:00 a/m. Left a mssg for Darryl too at  10:48 a/m.

How convenient, Atty Bob at 1:21 p/m, calls BF, representing Dr. F at Dental, refusing the Subpoena, just 14 hours before Scheduled Testimony. He was very sarcastic, threatening, even though BF abided by his rules, of a formal Deposition, according to him, in one or two weeks? Said he would file a Motion to Quash, based on (BF's) Sinicism??? A ploy, they received fax yesterday at 1:21 p/m, Child swallowed a staple that they installed in child's mouth. There is a Bill, Hospital and radiology, it is from bad dental work.

Lisa still not returning BF calls or Fax’s. BF had to leave mssg for Sup. Ryan at 3:20 p/m from BF home phone/ Lisa not returning calls, mother effuses to listen to BF, giving child wrong medication per doctor’s office, child sick, please call BF. BF has NO response from Lisa B at CPS Bozeman.

2-4 BF went to Court. Witnesses (4) under Subpoena there. BF permanently disabled and it cost BF over 50.00 to serve these Subpoenas. School nurse drove 150 miles to appear and testify that on November 18, 2010, she observed BF's Child with a broken tooth that child had already been suffering from for 5 weeks, being refused and denied care by Child's biological mother. In addition, the Child was refused a doctor for 17 months, ended up in the Emergency Room two days in a row with BF, on Jan. 8 and 9th, vomiting blood. There were 4 witnesses. The Judge tried to stop the Hearing because CPS has an open case. BF objected, witnesses ready to testify of child abuse and neglect.  The judge only allowed the child’s therapist, Darryl XXX, a very respected member of the community, who has seen BF's Child for 9 months and testified that the child has revealed fear, scared of being with  mother and abused by her. The judge interrupted the therapist Three times, telling the therapist that this case has been going on 6 years and that BF is not credible. The judge was tampering with BF's Child’s counselor, discrediting BF as a father and trying to persuade BF Child’s own counselor to sway his testimony, THREE TIMES. The judge refused to hear the remaining witnesses, which included the school nurse, and even the mother’s own family members, ready to testify that they have witnessed abuse of BF's Child by BM. The judge closed the Hearing and placed all the responsibility back upon CPS, denied the evidence, tons of it, including legally obtained tapes of the child’s mom refusing the child care. The evidence was rock solid, concrete and the witnesses testimony was ignored by the judge. He sent everyone home. BF's Child has suffered horribly, vomiting blood, already missed 4 weeks of school, broken, shattered teeth, 11 bad teeth, dentist report ready to be submitted into evidence, tapes, Daily Diaries for two years of horrific child abuse, neglect and endangerment details, proving the abuse and neglect and NOTHING was heard by this judge. The judge did everything he could to discredit BF to the child’s own psychologist who has seen my Child alone for 9 months. The judge even argued that BF's Child had used the word (Abuse) when BF's Child described
 desperate fear of returning home with the mother to the counselor (Twice.) BF Child, only 7, is diagnosed with PTSD and has been sexualizing neighbor children, with a long history of suspected sexual abuse.BF even had a video with BF,  BF's Child describing the mom has been molesting Child, and the stepfather knows. The judge didn’t even let BF present that tape. BF was allowed to present NOTHING! The remaining witnesses were shocked in disbelief, shaking their heads, left sequestered with no chance to testify of the child abuse or neglect they have personally witnessed. BF had the most indisputable evidence that a court could ever wish, hope for to keep this child safe. ALL of it was either ignored, or tampered with by the judge.

BF was supposed to have Child after the Hearing. BM refused BF calls. BF had to call Lisa. BM then called BF and said BF couldn’t have Child til 4:00 p/m, in Columbus. BM showed up and handed BF a very large book of homework, that she just got on Thursday, and told BF ALL of it had to be done or else she was going to make Child stay up Sunday nite until it was all done. She tried to ruin our weekend together. BF called Lisa and told her BF was not going to do that to Child. BM surrendered NO PRESCRIPTIONS for Child and even kept child's Krystoose packets that BM have no prescription for. BF had to give child Mirolox instead. BF also told Lisa that. Child had shrimp, spinach salad and baked potato for dinner.

2-5 BF faxed letter to Lisa before Child got up. BF cooked such healthy foods for Child 12 grain bread with an egg and half a banana. Smoked turkey breast on 12 grain at lunch with baby carrots. Dinner fish filets, baby spinach salad and baked baby red potato’s. BF also saw that Child can have some sunflower seeds which child loves.BF limited them to 10 -20, also had half a Fiber One bar. Child is not having any bowel movements again, doing all BF can to stimulate. BF had Child do two straight hours of homework. Child's tummy is fine, but BF didn’t want to let child get stressed over anything.  After lunch Child told BF that BF the only person  child trusted. BF had to explain to Child, must tell the truth to Lisa, even if Child's scared, she’s supposed to protect Child if Childs afraid mom will hurt Child for telling. Child again says Child doesn’t want mommy to go to jail, Childs afraid Child won’t get to see half sister anymore. Child also told BF that Thursday nite, child asked Jesus to come into child's heart and God to calm the world. Child said... wanted to be with BF on Friday when Jesus moved into Child's heart.

2-6 Child had a good bowel movement. Child did 1 more hour of homework. In town days,Child completed over 40 pages, with only 8 pages left undone. BM came at 4 pm, yet BF lost over one hour with Child due to what she pulled last Friday, making BF wait til 4 p.m to get my Child. Child was very sad to go. Child never had one problem with tummy all weekend with BF. Child said... NOT ALLOWED to tell BF 
 loves BF, or misses BF, until after the first 5 minutes of our nightly call, per Child's mommy.

2-7 BF Filed Formal Complaint with State of Montana Judicial Review Board, sent copies of Motions, witnesses that Court refused to hear, Dairy, tapes Judge refused to hear, etc. BF sent Darryl XXX a fax, after the hearing, 2 pages, explaining what happened in court and all the evidence, as well as the illegality of the proceedings.

BF faxed to Sen. Max Baucus, C/O Jennifer Ewan at 2:15 p/m. the AFFIDAVIT to the State and a letter to Max Baucus.
BF had a long talk with Jacque. Keeps thanking BF for protecting her? BM attacking her, AFTER BF allowed her to see Child.

2-8 Child sad, got into trouble twice at school. Child doesn’t like the timer on our calls anymore than BF does. It has stopped any constructive games BF teaches Child in spelling or math.

2-9 BF saw Mike XXX at 11:00 am. Mike couldn’t believe what the Judge and CPS are doing to Child. He just shook his head.BF tried to talk to Child at 7:15 pm, BM interfering with our call, Child couldn’t even hear BF or focus. BF just hung up. BF sent a fax to Lisa and Anna S. BF  phone line is shut off tomorrow, can’t pay it..

2-10 Letter from Max Baucus, forwarding another lie from Anna S at CPS. Refers BF to Ryan  who also won’t return any calls, as well as Lisa, or her supervisor Barbara. BF sent Max a response.

3 nites in a row, BM interferes with Child and BF's call, prodding Child to play games and not listen or talk to BF, telling Child to hang up on BF at 10 min and 9 seconds. Child got mad at BF, saying that (BF) was being mean, when all BFdid was explain to Child it is not polite to do that during our calls, that Child should set the game aside. BF left a mssg with Lisa  asking her if she condones this behavior? Child out of school again today with upset tummy, child saw Lisa and went to the dentist.

2-11 BF left a mssg with Ryan  CPS Helena, per Anna S‘s letter, explained nobody is answering BF letters, questions, concerns, or phone calls.

BF saw atty Jeff  at 10:00 a/m. He advised BF to send certified letter to Anna at DPHHS, he calls them Dufus, copy it to Gov. Schweitzer and Atty General Steve Bullock. IBF did so, mailed certified article 7010 1870-0003-1938-8312. BF also included 36 page Diary Summary to all parties. As of 1:10 p/m, Ryan and Lisa with CPS still refusing to return BF calls. BF left Ryan ANOTHER mssg at 1:25 p/m, still not taking BF call.

Child called BF at 6:23 p/m, said.. was spending the night at (Chase’s) house, doesn’t know how BF will call if  stays the weekend. Said  can’t go into Chase’s room, full of KNIVES, Chase s 10 years old. Child said  mom took away the sunflower seeds BF gave Child, that were good for Child. Child mom let child have a Jaw Breaker large candy which Child swallowed whole, almost choking on it. BM refuses to give BF numbers of who is watching Child, against the Court Order, or share any medical information with BF at all.

Neither Ryan, or Lisa will return BF calls from CPS.

2-12 No calls from Child. His whereabouts are unknown.

2-13 Jacque called, said BM probably here in Billings, SF’s mom vacating BM’s house on Morgan ave. Jacque and Julie to write sworn affidavits for Court. Planning surprise B-Day party for Child's this Friday. Jacque buying ice cream cake.

*2-15 Child’s birthday. BM refused to let Child talk more than 9 minutes, even Child asked to have a few minutes more. BM refused and hung up on BF. BM got Child a Bike,  rode fast with NO HELMET. BF left a mssg with Lisa about it, and told her to check into why BM was nailed for welfare fraud a couple years ago. BM took all Child’s Food Stamps away from BF for 6 months, 159 per month, so she could have only 10 dollars a month, angered Sarah, at OPA, then BM caught not reporting  income.

2-16 Child sick at school, tummy ache. BM accused Child of just saying Child was to get out of a class.

2-18 BF got Child at 1:35 p/m, severe winds, Child asked BF to use BF phone to call CPS Lisa, said was hit bad last night, didn’t deserve it, said  has been talking to principal and Lisa about abuse, name calling. BF didn’t let child call Lisa, explained could just tell her next time sees her.

2-20 BM late, came at 4:20 p/m and got into BF car to get Childs’s belt. Child out of school tomorrow, president’s day, BM won’t let child stay, yet all Holidays are to be negotiated.

2-23BF saw Mike XXX. It’s been six years with him. So interesting, that BF have over 9 letters of recommendation from employers and friends, professionals in BF life, and BF have never been ever called a liar, in fact the opposite, honest, trustworthy, dedicated, all BF life, until BF get to Montana, and the County and Courts attack BF, even though BF pass a polygraph, and end up taping BF's own Child and  mom to prove who’s is telling the truth. Mike, dismayed, BF been though so much, to be labeled a liar. BF get confused on if to teach BF's own child about Christ, honesty, truth, after what BF been put through. BF told Mike BF had to tell BF's drugged out daughter to go away, again!!!BF can’t take her know it all attitude, or serious health problems in her head. It’s too much.

*2-25 Jacque called BF, BF had nothing to say to her since they’re not trying to help Child. BM cancelled Dr. M’s appt and didn’t tell BF. BF called BM at 10 a/m to remind her. She accused BF? Of making the appointment, when BF didn’t. She made it at DR. M’s office using her phone calendar the last time we were there. New appoint is next Friday at 12:30 p/m.

Child taped, said mom is being really mean, yelled at Child to take the phone when BF called, BM very angry.  Child had to stop short as mom was listening into our call.
2-26 Child very depressed,  gave out invitations for  birthday party at moms, to school kids, nobody came.BF did everything BF could to cheer child up. BF spoke to BF sis about BF's daughter. She agrees; get her out of BF life and that of Child’s. She’s (Daughter) gone off the deep end again, or still. BF on the verge if not already to do the same to the BM’s family.

*3-1 Child called BF early at 6:52 p/m, TAPED, said is sick, fever. BM is clearly in background telling Child what to say. Says fever 101.1, has a bruise on inside of  leg, doesn’t know, won’t say, or likely cannot tell BF how  got it. Says  arms, legs hurt and a headache and tummy hurts and hasn’t had a bowel movement.

3-2 Told Child and BM.  BF need 75-100 candy bars to sell for little league. Child said  leg and tummy hurts. Out of school yesterday.

3-3 Fax letter to CPS Lisa at 8:30 a/m. Bruise on inside of Child's leg, fever, no school, tummy hurting. Sent phone and letter back to daughter, done with her.

3-4 Dr. M’s at noon. Child told Dr, BM confirms, she hasn’t talked with child's teacher, Child eating chocolate in class, causing tummy problems. BM told Dr. that Judge is signing Child as a ward of the County, in front of Child. Child gained 3 pounds in 6 weeks, proves how sick child was. BF left mssg with Lisa at 1:30 p/m.  Child has own phone, controlled by BM, won’t let child call BF. BM letting BF's drug head daughter call Child again, just to piss BF off. Child talking to daughter about child's mom being arrested? Lisa called BF at 2:42 p/m. Told her what BM told DR. M and to Google SF, read Blogs, on Facebook and site, where SF writes, “Looking for a girl to meet and eat. That was written by SF just last Feb. 4, 2010” Child said  HAS to tell  mom loves her back, or she gets angry with child. BM attempting to use Little League games to deny BF visits on weekends. BF told Lisa that aint gonna’ happen.  Lisa claims to have no idea what BM is talking about, there is no order before any court to make Child a ward of a county. Lisa said she has having trouble getting a court transcript, don’t know what date. Lisa said she listened to tapes, can’t use “Snippets,” but failed to describe what originals she needs? Coming down our road, Child said, “It’s so nice to be home dad.” BF told Lisa that too.

3-5 Child said BF's daughter is bad mouthing BF on phone, lying. BF told Child to avoid her and Autumn, BF's other daughter, also a druggie.

3-6 BM called and left mssg on house phone, demanding Child back in Columbus by 2 p.m, says cause of snow. Sun out, no snow. BF had to drive to Columbus, 12 minutes late, had to make Child lunch before we left. BF called Lisa at CPS at 2:17 p/m, after Child left, and left her mssg to call BF  Court Order gave me Child until 4 p/m, BM denied BF's visitation time. BM kept back the candy bars, except 47 that BF sold immed, to even prevent BF selling more for Child. Talked to BF sister, appalled at what BM is doing, letting BF's daughter do this to Child, agreed to stop her immed, as she has always been trouble.

3-7 Court, due to BM lying last August to FWP. Got a warning, suspended, no fine. Trial was supposed to be this coming Friday, very ill, didn’t know if BFcould even make it. Agreed to terms. BF only one man, human and can’t fight all these battles at one time.

TAPED, BM purposely interfering with call with Child, clearly coaching, heard in background. Child began crying. Child kicked in face and got bloody nose by Bully at school, BM did nothing. Lisa not returning BF calls again.

3-8 Left another mssg with Lisa at 8:30 a/m, not calling BF back, Called numerous more times, got mssg machine, left another mssg and BF was forced to call school principal over Child being kicked in the face by boy named (Hunter). Left principal Mark mssg, bloody nose after Hunter kicked BF's child in face on school grounds, must stop this. Second mssg to Lisa, about Child bloody nose, BM does nothing, also, BM admits to DR. M Child eating candy, chocolate, causing child tummy problems, BM hasn’t even stopped the school from doing this.

*Lisa not returning BF calls, was FORCED to write a letter and fax it to her at 2:00 p/m. BF been leaving mssgs since last Sunday at 2:17 p/m regarding Abuse and Neglect.

BF hung up early with child, BM distracting child two nites in a row with game while childs trying to talk to BF.

Sunday March 6, @ 2:17 p/m mssg to Lisa
Tuesday March 8, to Lisa, @ 8:08 a/m, 10:40, 11:39, 1:11 p/m, 2:55, 3:34, 4:08.
Call to Ryan , 1:12 p/m, he’s in Bozeman. Three calls are messages to Lisa, unreturned.

3-9 BF saw Mike XXXX. He was very supportive of BF decision to disown BF own daughter after all the hell she’s done to BF and Child. BF mailed letter to Ken, explained he needs to check his cabin, as daughter broke into it, neighbor witnessed. BF apologized for her actions. Mike can’t believe CPS still not doing anything or returning BF calls. CPS avoiding any witnesses that can substantiate anything BF say. They always have, since the onset. ALWAYS!

NO RETURN CALLS FROM CPS!!! BF left another message at 4:30 p/m with Lisa.

3-10 Spoke with Child at 7:15 p/m, said was at dentist today, got a couple fillings. Gee’s its only taken over 2 years to get that done, but CPS doesn’t care about that either.

3-11 Letter from Lisa. Said she’ll call BF back, or BF can call Hotline. BF sent Lisa Fax. It’s a pure lie that Lisa returns any calls. BM DETROYED Child’s and BF call at 7:14 p/m. Harasses child during entire call, won’t let child stop playing a card game, interrupts child, TELLS child what to say to BF. Child knew it was bad, and said,” I’m sorry dad.” BM immediately scolded child, telling child” You don’t have to say your sorry to him.’ BF had to hang up early, BM relentless in ruining our phone call.

3-12 BF left Lisa a mssg at 9:10 a/m, Lisa out of town til 18th, didn’t say a word about that in her letter dated 3-10.

The minute Child answered, BM started a card game to distract child. Child wanted to play with BF, Child whispered to BM,”I didn’t even get to say good-nite to dad.” BM  scolded child,” You just did now hang up the phone. Hang up.” Child was very sad.

3-13 Jacque called BF at 9:26 a/m, wants BF to stop in Columbus with Child next Friday to buy a frozen yogurt. She said that the girl Jessica burglarized the car of was Treena, who works at Arby’s on Grand Ave. Then, BM pushed her car across the street from her house on Morgan Ave, after she stole her belongings from her car. Child wanted to show BF a Monster Truck that child drew and BM refused to let the child show BF..

3-14 Child took the phone into the bathroom tonight, upsetting BM in the background cause child was out of her sight and ear shot with the phone. Child was a bit aloof, distracted again by BM during our call.

3-15 Didn’t call Child til 7:25 p/m, BM left room for a second, Child said something bad done by mom and couldn’t talk. Said tell BF this weekend. Child sounded very upset.

*3-16 Child called at 3:30 p/m, began to leave a message. BF picked up, BM refusing BF any of Child's Spring Break vacation, dropping child off with sitter and friend Chase. BM refused to give BF number where BF can reach Child, refused to tell BF where BF can get Child on Friday, BF's weekend. BF called Lisa and left mssg, what does she think that’s doing to Child? BM in the background telling Child what to say to BF word for word.

BF spoke to Jacque, who tried to lay guilt trip on BF as to why BF not stopping for her in Columbus. Jacque and Julie have ignored what they promised, affidavits. BF told Jacque BF not going to be used by them to see Child. Jacque afraid to write about the abuse and neglect. Jacque also knows about the burglary BM did, won’t say anything. BF explained BF is not a Pinocchio Parent, and she lied to BF which Child knows about. That’s why her last visit with Child went so bad, Child not trusting Jacque. Child believed she cared about what child's been through.

***3-17 BM ruins Child and BF call again every nite for last two weeks, won’t stop card game on purpose, distracting Child. BM still refuses to let BF know where to get Child tomorrow (TAPED).

TAPED at 7:45 p/m, BF had to call BM back again, to see when to get Child and where? BM said that Child is going to work with her and will be working around the lot at her work, told BF to get Child at 3 p/m at her work BM says her boss Steve, asked for Child’s help to unlock trailers at Centennnial Homes where BM works.

***3-18 BF transferred last two weeks of harassing calls by BM  during Child’s and BF calls and called Lisa at CPS before BF left to get Child. She was in. We spoke for 33 minutes. BF told her how BM is interfering with calls and refused to let Child see BF all week on vacation. BM also said Child was working for her boss today and BF couldn’t get child til 3 p/m. BM alienating Child every chance she gets. Lisa said Child now seeing a therapist, Dana XXX. Lisa said she got e-mail from County Atty Office there. BF also told Lisa about girl (Treena) who BM burglarized her car and pushed it out in her street to be towed. BF told Lisa Child said something bad happened on 15th according to child and BF does’t know what?

BF arrived in Belgrade by 2:10 p/m and tried to call Lisa. Left a mssg, “What possible good is it for BF child to be forced to work at BM’s job, instead of being with BF?” BF invited Lisa to call BM's work and told her that BF had the actual tape with BF of BM’s call last night, proving she’s alienating Child. Lisa did not call back. BF arrived at BM’s work at 2:33 p/m. BM came out and said Child was busy with late lunch. She kept BF waiting til 3:07 p/m. Child hadn’t even eaten, child's lunch was an entire bag of popcorn and an apple and one fiber bar. BF had to stop Child from eating that much popcorn. Child told BF what happened on the 15th, last Wed. BM on phone and telling someone she’s taking the phone away at 9 minutes and hanging up on BF each nite, said she never agreed to calls, which is a lie, its taped two years ago. BM said she can’t wait for all BF calls to Child to end. BF pulled over at N 19th and recalled Lisa, let Child leave her a mssg. Lisa didn’t respond. At top of Bozeman Pass, Child said mom is playing cards to stop child from talking with BF at nite and playing games with BF on phone. Child said that after BF explained BF may stop calling and BF didn’t want child to think BF did cause BF doesn’t care, worried child would take it that way. BF explained our calls are not like they were and BF can’t talk anymore with child one on one. Child then told BF, why BM is stopping our conversations. These (Games) are academics and have excelled Child in math and spelling and reading way over current grade level. Child then said wasn’t at BM’s work, but was left at the sitter’s (Deb) until 12:30 p/m. Child then said BM told child to keep new counselor a secret from BF. Child said the family she dropped child off with on Wed. (Chase’s) kept calling child “Disgusting toilet” all nite. BF had to move over from a tailgater behind us. Child said  mom swerves left or right, then chases tailgaters and rides there ass for miles with the kids in the car? Child said mom yells,”Payback’s a bitch.”

BF got home at 5:40 and left Lisa mssg, next time BF not leaving Bozeman until someone at her office sees Child to hear all this crap themselves.

Child scared of the dark bad tonight. Child said sitter (Deb) made child watch (Ghost Lab) on TV and it frightened child very badly.

BM is doing all, everything, anything she can to destroy Child’s and BF relationship.

3-19 Took Child and friend to play ball, fly planes. We played all day and BBQ’d together. Large dog tried to attack Child at home when was riding bike.  Child and BF watched a movie. BF caught Child saying a man wants to (Lick) a girl, instead of like her. BF corrected Child that is not allowed or nice to say.

3-20 Tried to play with kids. Had to call Sheriff, dog trying to attack kids and everyone again. BM came at 4 p/m and kept calling BF home. BF took Child out at 4:07 p/m. BF left mssg with Lisa at CPS at 5 p/m, call BF, Child said much, proves what BF has  been saying, could look very embarrassing to CPS in Court. Child was playing Hangman and BF couldn’t guess the word. Child said it was mom. The word was (Bitch.)BF corrected child, told child that’s wrong and not nice.

3-21 BF called Lisa at CPS at 2:22 p/m, she answered. BF filled her in on all the above. Lisa didn’t know BM took Child to Day Care instead last Friday, as opposed to what she said ON TAPE Thursday night to BF, that Child was “Working” for her boss Steve at Centennial homes. BF iterated, BF doesn’t like Child making sexual statements during movie Saturday nite, “Man licks girl,” or that BM is conducting Road rage with two kids in her car. BF asked how do we handle that, without BM punishing Child for telling BF? Lisa said she would have to “staff,’ that question. BF tried to find out how to handle an appointed atty, since Gallatin is 150 miles away? BF learned it will be up to BF to deal with the Public Defenders office to see how to do that. BF apologized for letting child call her Friday and leave a mssg, as BF didn’t feel comfortable with it. She asked why? BF explained because BF was with child, but BF didn’t want to leave Bozeman without child telling her what child heard mom do on the phone. Lisa understood. BF ascertained its okay if Child calls her, and, if needed, bring child to their office to be interviewed if needed next time. BF could not help but to cry, talking with Lisa. BM is attacking Child and BF so badly, and child's BF's world. BF told Lisa that she will need to ask for a different file in  records, normally not released, which are Nurse Advice Calls, kept separate from visits, as BF calls for advice before bringing Child into the Hospital in case BF doesn’t have to. They are still coded with child’s medical Chart, but aren’t released with a normal request. Other than obvious emergencies, BF always call first to the nurse line at St. V’s for advice. We spoke about what BM did last August, hitting Child again in the face, because BF had to take child into the E.R after she hit child and child's nose wouldn’t stop bleeding. BM immediately retaliated, as she always does, and filed a false report on BF which cost us our home of 4.5 years.

BF told Lisa that BF never even told Darryl XX all the facts, that BF waited for Child to do so. BF told Darryl at least 3 times that if Child ever opened up, he would vomit. BF told Lisa that if she can ever break the “Cache of secrets,” Child has, she will never read or hear the name Child again, without a tear in her eye. That’s when BF began to cry.

BF explained that Child had a very busy weekend, playing a lot and told her all we did, though hard on BF. Also said was that BM has moved 8 times in 7 years, Child doesn’t even know what (Home) is, except with BF. BF only moved twice.

Lisa admits, that early in January, BF left her a taped mssg, of a taped call from BM. BM admits that calls between Child and BF are agreed upon, every nite, from over a year and a half ago. Now BM disputes this fact even though she is caught red handed on tape.

BF left mssg with Lisa, taped call from 3-17, BM, tells BF her boss Steve wants Child working for him with her at work, which was a LIE. Child was at sitters, (Deb.)

FAX TO LISA @ CPS BF faxed letter and 3 pages of Diary from March 17, 2011 to present, to Lisa at CPS at 5:25 p/m.

***At 7:15 p/m, BF tried to call Child. BM tells Child has only has 9 minutes, which is exactly what Child told Lisa what BM was doing in child's mssg to Lisa last Friday. Child politely asks BM to pause the card game when BF calls. BM says,” No.” Child politely asks that she skip child. BM replies “No.” Child wants to talk with BF, BM destroys our call, FORCING Child to play a game against child's will in order to ruin child and BF talking. The entire call is riddled with interruption after interruption by BM. BF hung up at 7:23.

BF left mssg with Lisa at 7:24 p/m.

3-22 BF sent Fax to Lisa over what happened last night with Child on phone, and, CPS refusing to intervene, even with BM chasing cars and tailgating them with the kids in her car. Nobody at CPS even cares that BM is willfully endangering both Child and baby sister by these heinous acts.

Tried to talk with Child at 7:15 p/m, yet another interrupted call. Child told mom BF didn’t say BF loves you. BF caught that and told child IBF did and not to say that, because BF did tell child that.


3-23 BF saw Mike XXX. He can’t believe CPS won’t return calls. He agrees they should have removed Child from BM immediately during the investigation to prevent her from coaching, threatening Child and punishing child for telling about abuse. Mike, totally aggress CPS should stop BM from harassing Child during phone calls, not right! Mike supports BF stopping contact between JBM’s family, as they refuse to talk about abuse to authorities, not good to be around Child during BF visits. The most disturbing fact we spoke about is CPS’s refusal to talk to any witnesses that saw abuse, her family, not BF's. We spoke about how tired BF is , weary, lack of sleep causing problems.

3-24 Jacque called BF at 10:59 a/m, wants BF to give her Child all afternoon Saturday April 2nd. Said her mom and she want to take Child to the circus. This woman just doesn’t get it. They hide the truth, scared of BM, won’t call CPS on her, though they witness and talk about abuse. Get a life!

**3-28, Child Hurt. (TAPED) woke up could not stand on right foot, made to do chores, get ready for school, and could not walk at school, hopping around on one leg. Principal, iced child's ankle, thinks child did it on new bike that child can’t even reach the pedal on, can’t sit on seat, has to try and touch ground. BM made child go to school. No medical care.

BF worried about child, called Lisa at CPS at 9:51 p/m, left a mssg.

3-29 BF faxed Lisa one page letter. Tried numerous times to reach her, at 8:13 a/m, 9:04, 12:02 and 1:44 p/m. Lisa NOT returning BF calls, or answering BF letter faxed this date. Both request her to contact BF over Child’s injury, pointed out that BM refuses child care when sick or injured, makes it look like it happens with BF instead!!

BF tried Lisa @ CPS again, at 3:10 and 3:11 p/m, her line was BUSY. NO CALLS back from Lisa at CPS Lisa is refusing to return BF calls, even after BM once again has refused BF child medical care, based solely on her own stupidity, a bike too large for Child and reuses to provide child a helmet. Child unable to even walk when woke up yesterday morning, (TAPED) and BM forced child to go to school.  

***3-30 At 4:01 p/m, Lisa at CPS called BF home, then cell. Lisa said she saw Child yesterday. Lisa said almost every time she sees Child  says recorded and asked BF to stop. That is a lie. Lisa said child's ankle wasn’t as bad as BF said, yet she wouldn’t listen to the taped call. BF ended up leaving the proof on her voicemail later. BF told Lisa the exact dates of when, where and why Child was recorded, 3 times exactly since Feb. 21, 2010, when child said mommy had fun touching child's privates. BF told her, (If) BF grilled child, child would have said a whole lot more, because child left out what Loraina and Grandma said during that taping. The other was last time BF got child and Lisa knew about that one. The other was a happy tape, after Child accepted Christ into heart. Lisa asked BF to confront Child about what child said about child's ankle to her, yet admitted she neglected to talk to child's school principal about them having to apply ice packs to it. Ooops! BF told Lisa BF wish BF had the money, or time, to record every word child’s said, because we wouldn’t even be talking now. Lisa admitted that she had spoken to BM about interfering with our calls and BF blessed her for that. Lisa also said the calls aren’t going to end. BF asked her to repeat that. Lisa is now attacking Child's credibility, BF guess tiring from attacking BF for years. Of course they will, as opposed to doing their real job and stopping BM from abuse. BF again told Lisa BF is concerned of them leaving Child there, and, as in the past, child will say anything child’s told by BM to her to avoid punishment. What part of this don’t they get? BF told Lisa BF hates recording, but have to to protect Child and catch BM abusing child, as BF HAS, especially the last few months.  Also, Lisa is aware that Child has independent knowledge that BM is trying to drive a wedge between child and BF and alienate us from each other, all in retaliation from Child reporting abuse. Also stated, that probably 85 % of all child’s Medical File is due to BM dumping child upon BF, hurt, or sick, and refusing child care. That makes it look like it happens while with BF, and not her. That can be proven, Advice Nurse Calls proceed visits, except Emergencies. One, was a 104-105 temp, where BM had scarred child's rectum with an enema at 1 year of age and hidden it from BF. The call ended at 4:51 p/m.    

BF spoke to Child, TAPED and explained what Lisa had told BF, and, (if) BF found out child lied, which BF doesn’t believe since BF has Monday’s tape, then child knows child would be punished. Child thinks Lisa misunderstood as child thought she wanted to know how child was Tuesday, after she finally saw child, and not Monday when child was in so much pain. Monday’s tape proves BM knew how bad child's ankle was, but sent child to school anyway.

***3-31 Fax two page letter to Lisa at 7:41 a/m. It speaks for itself. BF get a Bill today, Collection from CHP Dental, due to BM’s refusal to care for BF child’s broken teeth, which FORCED BF TO SCHEDULE AN appointment for repair, TOTAL $444.00. ???

Faxed 3 page letter to Lisa before phone is shut off, asking why no help they promised has been given and why are they ignoring abuse, witnesses, BM violent past and BF references? BF also point out the dental bill, because BF was FORCED to get Child care. BM not paying bill, even after BF spent over $500.00 for Child’s therapy.

Child at 7:15 p/m, says eating dinner during BF call. Eating BACON, the night before BF get child, a Food child's definitely not allowed to eat. BM is doing this every time before BF gets Child, trying to upset child's stomach. BF helped Child with science questions on robot programs and photosynthesis of plants. Child also had Cheese, which is BAD, loaded with saturated fat unless 50 % reduced or fat free.
4-1 Had to pay bills get gas to get Child, food. IBF has child 3 weekends this month, which costs #65.00 per trip. That only leaves BF 180.00 to last the entire month for food and normal gas to drive.

**Lisa at CPS called BF cell phone @ 11:20 a/m and left a mssg. Her mssg doesn’t make any sense at all, referring to one of my letters on March 31st. BF returned her call as BF left to get Child. Child said  mom is TELLING child what to say to Lisa, which are lies. BF reminded Child God doesn’t like lying and that child doesn’t have to repeat lies mom is forcing child to say.  Child said it was Mr. S,  teacher who had to ice ankle last Monday, not principal H.  BF got home and called Lisa at 5:45 p/m, and left her  a mssg telling her what Child has said and correcting who iced Child’s ankle that BM made child attend school with. Child also said  pee-pee hurt, as Wesly had kicked child  today. The school did nothing about it, though Child did report it to the Yard teacher and Mr. S. BF also told Lisa this.

Child also said when Lisa is done with her investigation, he knows mom and SF will start beating child again. BFcan’t argue with that. BF warned Lisa in every way possible that BM was coaching Child, as she always does, yet CPS refuses to listen.

Child is filthy. Child's hair smells and is stiff like a board. BF will have to give child bath.

4-2 Child fell down today running from friend Devin. Child got a bad scrape on  right tummy but nothing serious. BF put neopsporin on it. BF wasn’t even gone 5 minutes last night to borrow eggs from Danielle. BF came back and Child and Devin had all the stuffed toys out again. BF was alarmed. Child said didn’t do anything nasty. BF called Danielle and spoke to her today. She said that Devin not talking to her, says he can’t remember last night.

4-3 BM showed up early. The last thing Child and BF spoke about was that child doesn’t have to tell lies child's mom is making child do. BF know why child is, to avoid punishment and stay on her good side, if she’s got one. BF hope Child didn’t do anything to Devin. Devin came over this morning and BF didn’t let him in, Child was still in bed. Devin just stood there on BF steps and pee’d himself all over. BF told Danielle. Devin tried to hide it happened.

BF faxed letter to Lisa. Two therapists have recommended Child be removed and even placed in residential care, but Lisa refuses to listen to them.
4-4 BF called Child’s teacher Mr. S. At first he denied any knowledge of Child getting kicked, then admitted it, after BF told him that BF knows Child told the yard teacher and him. S tried to play it down as kids being kids. BF stated BF doesn’t want to hear that, as it could have hurt BF's child . Then Teacher S
 began buttering BF up on what a good job BF has done with Child.

Child did mention a very disgusting poem to BF that BM taught child and recited about two dead kids.

BF let a mssg with Lisa at 12:20 p/m. She never called BF back.

BF faxed a letter to Lisa, along with the depressing story that Child wrote last Christmas in school, and snuck it to BF so mom wouldn’t see it after Christmas Play. It is 4 pages and very depressing.

BM totally interfered with Child and BF call, playing cards and telling Child what to say to BF. Child screaming 3 times can’t hear BF on the phone. BM said, “Don’t worry Child  BF can’t get mad". Lisa told BF that she advised BM to stop this harassment during calls
BF left a mssg with Lisa at 7:30 p/m, telling her BM intentionally ruining calls again between Child and BF.

4-5 BF called Ryan at CPS Helena. BF asked why everything they promised on January 28, 2011 meeting has not happened. He said he’d check into it and call BF.

Ryan never called BF back today. BF left him a mssg, which BF kept a copy of, advising him that no matter what is turned into Lisa, nothing is done, including proof Child is being coached to lie to Lisa by mother. Calls to my child alienated by mother interfering, despite Lisa saying she told BM to stop that.

BF spoke to Child, okay for a couple minutes, then BM telling child what to say to BF and playing cards when we try and talk. BM has no regard for Lisa telling her to stop it, anymore than she has EVER adhered to ANY Court Order, ever. Child says, “You’re fired,” to BF, then explains it’s on a movie (A Bugs Life.) that child puts in while BF on the phone. Child was never allowed to play movies while we talk, until BM got into trouble again.

It is clear that BF must get all this into the Public’s Eye. BF doesn’t know how BF will pay for it, but BF has reconnected to the internet as of tomorrow. BF will launch a website, name names, upload documents and even play tapes if BF has to. The Law has got to change here and kids have got to be protected by this state. Enough!

4-6 BF saw Mike XXX. We talked about CPS wiping out BF's whole life, even letters, years of references, glowing, about BF's honesty. Now CPS attacks BF own son’s credibility, refuses to talk to ANY witnesses that can substantiate child abuse by BM. Child gets hurt again at BM’s , sent to school by BM, can’t walk, denied Medical again, CPS does nothing, won’t return BF calls, refuses to adhere to their own promises on January 28th, 2011, no atty, no gas card, no meetings with them and BF child’s new counselor. CPS reneges on every thing they said, and stonewall BF to protect their own asses, as usual. BF told Mike, BF is left with no choice, go Public, diary, tapes, letters, all of it and BF is not redacting any names. Let Montana and the rest of the country know what CPS is doing here, killing innocent kids. Mike said, “It isn’t like they quit talking to BF, they won’t anyway.” What does BF have to lose? The Laws must change here, they simply must.

**4-7 BM called me at 11:04 a/m, said Child at doctor over ankle, has stretched ligament, in brace, for 6 months to 2 years, therapy.

At 1:45 p/m, Lisa and her Supervisor called mBF on my cell, said Gallatin County Atty signed TIA yesterday and will have BF served. BM told Lisa Child's ankle has been hurting for 2 months??? BM has refused Child any medical care if true until once again, BF forced her to take child in.

**BF sent Lisa an e-mail, BF's first, letter that BF is going public with everything.

BF spoke to Child at 7:15 p/m, explained to child needs to settle down. BM still intends to let child into Little League, not a good choice this year with bad sprained ankle. Child denies 2 months of pain in ankle, BM covering up that child injured it on a bike she got child, way too big, and child fell off of it at her house.

4-8 BF left Lisa a mssg at 7:05 a/m, explaining BF has spoken to Child to take it easy, and by Lisa’s own admission yesterday, BM alleges Child ankle hurt for 2 months, yet denied child care AGAIN.

IBF spoke to Child, short call, we don’t have time to play academic games anymore that were so good for child in school.

4-11 BF emailed Lisa letter at 1:46 a/m. BF found many websites of CPS failure to stop child abuse in Montana. Namely the Pinehaven Ranch, north of Missoula.

Spoke to Child at 7:15 p/m, child said doesn’t want to play little league, mom is forcing child to. BF is not allowed to call child at 7:15 tomorrow night. BF have to wait for child's call.

BF emailed mssg to Lisa, Child depressed doesn’t want to play ball and shouldn’t this year, due to ankle injury in a brace. NO RESPONSE from Lisa. NOTE: LIsa Denied BF's Request for her to take Child to Doctor with bad ankle, Lisa downplayed. One week later, child hasd #1 Sprain, 6months to 2 years of therapy. Thanks Lisa, dumb butt. Left Lisa mssg, she's not a doctor, don't play one to cover BM's refusal to seek Medical Attn.

4-12 Child finally called BF back at 7:46 p.m, said did have fun in baseball. BF total credit on how well BF trained to play, even caught a backhanded catch in basball glove.

4-13 At 7:15 p/m Child very sad, doesn’t want to lose current teacher in 4 weeks when school ends.

*4-14 BF got a letter from Gallatin County Public Defender, sent to the wrong address on the 12th.  Their letter states that they have been appointed to represent BF in a criminal matter, not a civil one, as was explained by Lisa and her Supervisor Barb. BF has not been served ANYTHING period. BF called the PD office, they have no clue, but said BF atty’s name is K. BF gave them the correct address since they screwed this one up. BF tried to call her, not in. BF also called Ryan at CPS and left a mssg, taped, what is going on? Lisa said it’s a civil matter, PD says it’s a criminal one. BF invite him to return BF call, but BF knows he won’t. BF also left a mssg for Lisa.


Outside of the Parent's Diary, two year old (October Perez) was under DCFS care, and returned October to the biological mother and took the child from a safe and secure home. Dad was fighting for our Country and deployed.
October Perez was brutally murdered by her mom and boyfriend, hair pulled out, teeth kicked in and died from horrible abuse. See her Story at Great Falls Tribune, key word child abuse,or October Perez.

Ryan, yes Ryan, resigned the same day that the Perex family saw  Mt. Governor Brain, who's initials ar B.S. He tried all he could do to thwart the Perez Family to meet with him. Ryan was forced to resign that day, at the same time of the meeting. Seen enough? Wait, several CPS employees were Fired, yes, including Dorothy, in BF's case, who didn't remove BF's child or the sibling baby that BF WARNED Dorothy about and concerns the child would molest the sibling. 28 days later after that (RECORDED MSSG) to Dorothy, the child forced sexual contact and DFS did nothing. To BF's current knowledge as of October 2011, several CPS workers were terminated across Montana which escaped the News.

You be the Judge. God KNOWS we need a Good Judge, not the Corrupt kind. The State gets Federal Funding from D.C. by the HHS, Health and Human Services in Washington D.C. For every dollar that MT. CPS spends,they get an additional dollar. States are actually balancing their budgets by snagging kids from innocent parents by use of Washington D.C. Many states have been found GUILTY all the way to the Family Court Judges, for Corruption and the way the laws are written, innocent parent's are NOT entitled to a Jury Trial, so the Judge is in bed with CPS, Pharmacy Companies, CPS hired doctors and every cent CPS spends, doubled back to them by D.C. U.S. Senator Nancy Schafer of Georgia was MURDERED, and her husband last year, when she took on the Corruption of CPS in her state.


Two Licensed Psychologist's warned CPS to get the child away from the BM,before the State Filed any Motion. CPS ignored the concerns and refused, refused to contact any independent witness that BF supplied, which was numerous.

The Birth father was cleared, exonerated of ANY wrongdoing after a 14 month Investigation by CPS. The mother was not cleared, but guilty of Child Neglect. The Judge also scathed CPS for interfering with the father's rights. The case was DISMISSED against the father.

In an interesting twist, the birth mother, who can now be named, (Jessica Lindau) immediately began a campaign of retaliation, harrasment and alienation of the child against the father. Appropriately, the father had the case transferred out of the corrupt Yellowstone County to another County.

Now, the birth mother has Filed a Motion against this web-site, to take down it's mention of her father, (Jerry lee Lindau) who was arrested for 7 Felony Counts of Rape and Molestation on Febraury 18, 2009. That was already heard before another judge, who steered clear of violating the First Amendment.

The case is still pending.