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Friday, April 22, 2011

CPS "worker" , Leaves child with Sexual Abuser

ADDENDUM Sorry folks, had to edit out the truth. Montana is trying to charge childrensrightsmontana with a crime, over our free help for kids. We cannopt divulge the County, or the Judge whois operating way outside the Constition ,though how sweet that would be.The following we Believe, is acceptable, but we had to redact TRUTH .....Get a Life, Montana is trying to shut down a LEGAL WEB-Site, cause it exposed corruption in the 1st degree, and we now face possible Criminal Charges for exposing  DCFS/CPS Corruption..

From previous blogs and stories the childrensrights has, the mother refused child any care at all. Like the father's child's therapist said, "It's not about protecting this child anymore, they're after the dad cause he know too much about their failure."

The email the father got from CPS warns him to not publish it. So, now the dad has lost his 1st Amendment Rights anymore either.
The Order for Immediate Protection, Appointment Of Counsel, Appointment Of Guardian Ad Litem And Attorney For the Guardian Ad Litem And Setting Show Cause Hearing signed by Judge XXXXX states that:

The youth shall not be removed from XXXX County without prior approval of the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

The Guardian Ad Litem’s report, submitted to the court yesterday, included recommendations that you be allowed supervised visitation with XXXX at this time. 

I received notice yesterday that the Show Cause hearing has been continued until XXXX @ 2:30 pm.  I will need to meet with you and your attorney to discuss your visitation schedule with XXXXXX during this process.  You could participate by phone.  You can discuss your concerns with your attorney and then schedule a time with me to meet.

As we have discussed before, XXXX takes an over the counter medication (Prevacid or Pepcid) for XXXXX.  These can be purchased by both parents to use in their individual homes.

  Child Protection Specialist  Family Services

Response, well, you should have known, but you don't. This child is on a prescription drug xxxxx, and the mother refuses it to the father when child's in his home. 
Update. Now CPS decides that the allegation of the father taping child on weekends when child reveals abuse isn't enough to keep child away, after they learned child was being TOLD to say that by child's mother. So, now their new and improved allegation is that the father will talk to child about Custody Issues? How? When? The child is like a ballistic missle, playing 16-18 hours per day, The father can't even get a quiet moment with child and CPS knows it. It is like what the past child's counselor said, "It isn't about protecting the child anymore, it's about attacking the father," because he launched a website of all CPS's dirty tricks. A Diary, with all CPS's calls, that's what made them angry, while ignoring the incredible abuse, neglect and endangerment of the father's child. CPS should know, they have a copy of that Diary. Even the FBI said they won't return the child, as it would be CPS's admission of guilt. The FBI also concluded, CPS has failed to protect the child from the abusers. Corrupt, Crooked and let an innocent child die becasue you're mad at dad?

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