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My Best Friend
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Child Abuse in Montana

childrensrightsmontana.comWe are Children's Rights Montana. We know that current laws are NOT protecting our children. Recent ninth circuit court decisions state that Child Protective Services need a major overhaul. Our kids are being beaten, sexualy abused and nothing is being done to stop it. We URGE you to see our web-site

We offer referrals for all services to the chidren and the parents, who have also become victims under current laws. Read the website we have created. We all must change what's happening to our children under an organization (CPS) that has a proven track record of failure. Presently, according to CPS, they will only get involved if (There's a broken bone, loss of sight in one or both eyes, internal organ damage, a visible mark, or death.) It is NOT illegal in Montana to beat your child in the face, or stomach, just don't leave a mark. What kind of sick law is that? It's a recipe for disaster, and is training our children that violence is okay, and, condoned by the state of Montana.

You can read much more by visiting our website.

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