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Thursday, April 14, 2011

CPS Failure to Protect Montana Children

More True Stories of an Innocent Child:

A child had 5 possible concussions in 1.5 years, kicked down a flight of stairs, cigarette burns, beaten and bruised with the handle of a flyswatter, documented by a doctor, masturbated from age 3 through 5 years old, identified who was sexually abusing child and several E.R. trips to the hospital, two after being beaten in the face by the mother. At age 5, child couldn't control urinating. A doctor called CPS and reported suspected sexual abuse of the child. CPS went behind the fathers back and told the doctor he was lying. CPS did nothing. CPS told the father to take child to a specific child psychiatrist, which he did. CPS went behind the father's back to the psychiatrist and told him father was lying. The child was living at maternal grandparent's unlicensed Day Care which had a Order of Protection against the child from being there by both birth father and mother. Father had warned CPS and the police,as well as all Officials of Governmet numerous times for 5 years and 4 months that the home was dangerous. CPS refused to listen to Dad. The Police refusedto enforce a Court Order od a Leagl Orderof Protection that this child was not tobe within 1500 yards of this abusive home. CPS also allowed, permitted and condoned the grandparents to run an adult pornographic sex toy business out of the same address. In February 2009, five years after dad's pleading the authorities to do something, the police finally raided the day care and arrested the grandfather on 7 felony counts of rape and molestation of numerous children, two were only 4 years old. CPS refused to return the dad's son to his care. The F.B.I. was asked by Senator Max Baucus to investigate. The F.B.I. concluded that CPS had failed to protect the child , but the F.B.I. had no jurisdiction over CPS. The F.B.I. said CPS was not returning the child to the dad's custody, because it would be an admission of CPS guilt and they are afraid of being sued. Every authority who the father warned for years, now attacks his credibility. The child even tried to run away from mother's home, so she moved my son 150 miles away from the dad with the Court's permission,even though the mother Violated the Court's Order. The mother even told the child she was "Stealing the child."

U.S. Senator Max Baucus refuses to protect my child's Civil Rights and states in writing, "It's a legal issue and he can't "ethically" get involved." Isn't that his job, to protect our Civil Rights? The Billings Gazette, reporter Greg Tuttle, who broke the story about the day care rapes, refuses to write a story on what's happened to kids because," CPS has more power than the CIA."

In February 2010, the child told dad that mom said it was fun to play with childs privates and child was afraid she was going to do it again. Dad called CPS and warned them. They waited two weeks to call Dad. Dad warned them (On tape) that he would never trust the child around new baby sister alone, as he had caught child performing sexual acts with stuffed animals and even the family dog. CPS failed to listen. Twenty eight days later, the child was caught trying to force baby sister (1 year old) to do sexual acts on child. The child began talking about sexual things to two neighbor children last winter. CPS did nothing. Dad hired another child psychologist for 8 months. The child revealed child abuse and the child's school also reported child abuse at least twice in one month. CPS did nothing, except attack dad and try and blackball dad to his child's's therapist and to the Court. Dad even supplied CPS with medical evidence from September 2009, that the child's mother had tried to hide that the child was peeing blood for over one month. She refused child care. When dad learned how sick child was, the mother tried to block the clinic from releasing my child's records to dad.  The mother took the witness stand in Court, September 29, 2009 and lied to the Court, perjury, and swore the child's health was perfect. When father later found out she had lied, he alerted the Court that his child had internal bleeding. The Court refused to set a new hearing. The mother has violated every Court Order to date.

The child was getting very ill over the last three months. The mother refused a doctor.Child was pale, vomiting, weak. The mother refused child a dentist, even with a broken tooth. Child has 11 bad teeth. The mother was under Court Order since September 2008, to immediately take the child to counseling. She refused. CPS did nothing, nor did the Court. On January 9, 2011, dad's child was vomiting blood and he rushed child to the hospital. The mother had been making child take adult strength Aleve for painful teeth. The child had surgery, where numerous sores were discovered as the Motrin had eaten stomach lining. CPS did nothing. Though CPS is mandated by law to charge the mother with medical, dental and psychological abuse and neglect under their current laws, CPS did nothing. The mother was given all day to day care and medical care of the child, yet refused any care, even under a Court Order. CPS refused to intervene and left the child after father begged them to not do so. Now, thechild is being coached by the mother, what to say to CPS or anyone, with indisputable proof on tape. Father warned them in writing this would happen, as it has in the past, and begged them, as well as two psychologists, to remove my child from the mother. CPS refuses.

Now, CPS has ordered a TIA, Temporary Investigative Authority. CPS refuses to return dad's calls or talk with him. Dad is the only one who has gotten the child the help he needs. CPS doesn't care. Father surrendered two years of Daily Diary to CPS, and legally obtained tape recordings, proving horrible physical, emotional abuse as well as child endangerment by the mother. CPS doesn't care. Immediately after CPS got involved again, the child's mother has alienated child from the father and haraases the father and child every night on the phone. CPS does nothing to stop it. Every time CPS is involved, the mother attacks the child's health and abuse in an effort to stop the child or dad from reporting her. Dad gave CPS numbers of witnesses, even his ex wife's own family members to substantiate his claims of abuse. CPS refuses to contact any witness the father supplied.

The child will either die under mothers care, or according to one of the counselors, will be a high risk child for suicide. Dad has written every state agency, every congress, senator, atty generals, secretary of state, the governor and two heads of CPS at our capital. Nobody will respond.

It is cases like dad's child's, which lead to a child's death, or turns them into criminals if they don't kill themselves first. Per CPS, it is not illegal to beat your child in this state, unless you leave a mark. Montana is killing Montana children. They have destroyed this child's life and this State's future.

We ask you, what kind of child protection were all those victims given who were raped and molested by the child's grandfather? The rape and molestation went on for years What kind of protective organization would condone an adult sex toy business and sex toy party's to be one out of the same home as the Day Care??? Montana, that's who and CPS did nothing, other than to tell the child's doctors and counselors that dad was lying. CPS could have stopped the rapes but did absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.

The last Court date, February 4, 2011, members of the child's maternal side of the family (The mother's own family) came to testify to the Court, Judge G, that they had witnessed child abuse by the mother. The Judge refused their testimony, then publicly attacked not only the father, but the child's credibility and licensed therapist on the witness stand. The Judge didn't care what abuse the child had told the own doctor in (Private sessions.) This County and this State are doing everything in their power to stop a lawsuit against them for their failure to protect the Child's life. That's all dad's child means to them, child is collateral damage, and, they're afraid of being sued.


  1. i hope you will go to the media with your story. the latest cps failure has made me sick. this needs to stop. good luck.

  2. God bless you! CPS is a total failure and needs to be abolished NOW! EVERYONE needs to contact their state reps. CPS always takes the course of least resistance, and hides child abuse if it makes their job easier. They are CRAZY about returning the child to the mother, even if it turns out like poor October Perez, where she got beaten to death after they sent her home!!


    My story is almost identical a few states away in MI also it is the father and step mom who are tormenting my girls. 5 years & $50,000 later I managed to get one out but my other is still suffering. This needs to stop we need to stand up for them and never stop becaues the truth will prevail if we are loud enough...These are the stories that no one hears for goodness sake we need to scream it loud to the heavens and whoever will listen. What do we do when our hands are tied and left alone in the dark SCREAM LOUDER...



  4. Maybe follow the money as in whatever Federal entity gives them funds and complain to that office?

    I can't believe this, our family is going through something very similar. I keep thinking it will be over soon, but no matter what we do, it's not enough, one more thing, you can't see them yet. Found not guilty by jury, thought it would be all over. I was beginning to wonder if maybe they don't want it to be over because they are afraid of being sued. I think this is probable now after reading these article. We have excellent notes and documentation and they know it. Cps committed perjury. Must be standard operating procedure. Their day will come...

  5. Any body willing to give names, i am Christy Maddocks from Helena CPS said it was alright that my daughter had sex at 12 because she had. We spoke with the director
    Don he said Christy was his best investigator, she told the x-everything that the kids told them yep they were punished.

  6. CPS failed me as a child and is now
    Failing my children. I dont quit understand i have had my kids since day one and all the sudden the father and his wife want my kids and my daughter says dad is sexualy abusing her but montana through out all eveidence and wants him to have full custody. and my youngest does not even know here father.

  7. God has heard your cries. It's going to end. Read and claim Psalms 10:12-18 over this stuff. Read the story of gideon. David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lions Den. God is about to act. Hang on and P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens

  8. I hope God has a plan. My children are suffering from the mental abuse,verbal abuse and overall neglect of their father when they are in his care. CPS was contacted by the pediatrician because of her concerns and nothing gets done. I am so afraid that things will have to get to extremes before that man gets shut down. He has even beat up his girlfriend a couple of times, still nothing for the protection of the children because of the laws in Montana.

  9. The OMBUDSMAN bill is HB 76! Please CONTACT EVERY Montana legislator ASAP and be positive, and encourage them to support it ASAP. As of today - April 16th, it is in the Senate.