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Thursday, April 21, 2011

So How Does Senator Max Baucus Feel About Child Abuse in Montana?

Sent To Max Baucus Field Director/ Counsel Jennifer Ewan on April 21, 2011 by a Father:
The state appointed an attorney for dad who is 150 miles away. He has no way to meet with her, no money to get there, no way to copy his files and send them and he just learned yesterday that the Judge in his case changed his Final Parenting Plan last year, with NO Court Hearing, no Court date, no copy ever being sent to dad by the Court, nothing. He have no way to get to my atty. No money, permantly disabled reeling in pain, his home phone was shut off because he spent every dime on his child.

Two psychologists recommended the immediate removal of the child from the mother during a CPS TIA investigation. CPS refused and left the child with the mother. The child has exposed that child's is being forced to lie to not only CPS, but a state appointed counselor, by the mother. The child is scared to death of childs own mom, and states she will hit child, punish child, if child doesn't repeat what she TELLS child to say.

CPS not only has an exact Copy of a Daily Diary from the father over a period of two years, but they also have indisputable taped calls of child abuse, neglect, endangerment, alienation of the fathers child and, even sexual abuse by the mother. CPS has done nothing, with the exception of REFUSING to ask the child if the mother is forcing child to lie so she can avoid prosecution. CPS refuses to ask the child if child's being coached, even after child has admitted it not only to father, but other family members. The child still sick and now suffering an ankle injury due to the mother, in a brace, on med's that the mother refuses to share with the dad and CPS does nothing.

Now, CPS is accusing the dad of emotional abuse of dad's child, because dad taped the calls of child abuse. The child knew about and agreed to our phone calls being taped to stop abuse. CPS is accusing dad of taping the child on weekend visits with dad, which NEVER happened, with the exception of one life threatening situation that dad reported to CPS on 2/21/2010, where the child stated mom was playing with child's privates. CPS refuses to Polygraph the mother. Dad has offered, hands down to be Polygraphed. The child's mother calls dad's child, "Bitch, asshole, jerk, hopeless, helpless, wimp" and CPS won't even try and stop such emotional damage to baby child..

The Final Parenting Plan is from 12/2009, which is the last time dad was in Court over abuse and allowed a Hearing. The one the state mailed me, is in May of 2010. Dad was never in Court all of last year. There was No Hearing's, never calendared, no calls, no mail, nothing.

Dad has spent 6 years with child's first therapist, following every word of advice. The therapist is appalled at what CPS has done and is still doing to this child. The therapist even supports (IF) dad had taped during weekends, which dad didn't, due to the degree of abuse his child has suffered.  Therapist refutes any form of emotional abuse, or physical, ever by father.

That lead the father to be more proactive to stop child abuse and parent abuse in this state. He has exposed everything, including the Diary, and he refuses to redact any names or incidents and have posted the entire mess for the public to see. How on earth, can Max sit by while this child's Civil Rights and his are literally destroyed? We don't even have Rights anymore. The bottom line is the state is saying the child never has the right to reveal horrendous child abuse to his own dad, and, he's not allowed to talk to the kid when the child does? Here is the link to the website which includes your boss. It will also include this letter to you. WE have received overwhelming support by citizens to make this state and your office DO SOMETHING, from Petitions to upcoming News Conferences. Someone has to stop this abuse.

Sincerely and pray for HOPE,

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