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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Did the Ninth Circuit Court Say About CPS?

See what Supreme Court Justice Moreno in the Ninth Circuit Court has to say about how CPS does their job. See

CPS are untrained, unprofessional, misuse of power according to Justice Moreno.

Major overhaul needed. CPS may lose their right to remove children.

It's no secret. The abuse of power by CPS and a lot of Family Court Judges is Nationwide. The problem is these Judges (Pass the buck) and rely on a corrupt group of CPS decisions, so the Judge can wash his hands of any "Personal," wrongdoing and simply blame someone else.

That's what they (Think). The United States Supreme Court has Ruled that not only Judges can be held "personally' responsible, but they can also face criminal charges. That goes for CPS workers as well, and, police officers.

Judges and CPS can be prosecuted, punished criminally for willful deprivation of Rights under Title 18 U.S.A. sections 241 and 242. Anyones Rights being violated falls under Title 42 USC 1983 for federal civil rights violations.

Have you been wronged? Then DO SOMETHING! Write your Senators, Congressman, DEMAND they uphold your Rights! The (Pat answer) by these clowns is "It's a legal issue and we can't get involved in legal issues, our code of ethics prohibits us as mandated by law."

Hogwash!!!! The Code of Ethics simply states, "They 'should' not get involved." It does NOT state they 'shall not' get involved. Our elected officials have the obligation and authority to prevent the misuse and misappropriation of federal money, and, to protect us as citizens when these monies are being misused by corrupt CPS agencies, Corrupt Judges and Corrupt police agencies.

Look at the hundreds of children who have died due to CPS failure. It's shocking.

When will this stop? When people stand up and regain our RIGHTS and our children's RIGHTS.

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