My Best Friend

My Best Friend
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CPS and Court Failure in Every State

Here's the story of a very good father, and, his friend.

Mark, did his best, his all, to save his precious little girl from unspeakable abuse.

It resulted in a witch hunt on America's Most Wanted. Mark was tried and acquitted of any wrongdoing whatsoever by a jury of his peers. CPS took his baby in the meantime.

What Mark accomplished was something that the courts and CPS couldn't do, save his baby girl, his life, his love, his precious baby.

Despite his being cleared of ANY wrongdoing, he hasn't been allowed to see his baby for 4years and 8 months now..

Now....You tell me this system isn't corrupt. Mark,  bless his soul, still fights to see his baby.

Even when a Court of Law pronounces you INNOCENT, CPS can still destroy your life and violate every Civil Right this innocent father has.

Do the math, father plus daughter equals 1, Father plus daughter, divided by CPS, equals HELL.

Pray for Mark. Pray for his baby girl, reunite them as the family they were always meant to be under God.

This is a total and complete Violation of Title 42 USC 1983 241-242. As well as the 4th and 14th Amendment of our Constitution.

The United States Supreme Court held that the (Old Notion) that "generally it is the man's primary responsibility to provide a home and it's essentials" can no longer justify a statute that discriminates on the basis of gender. " No longer is the female destined solely for the home and the rearing of the family, and only the male for the marketplace and world of ideas" It furthers,"NO BOND IS MORE PRECIOUS AND NONE BE MORE ZEALOUSLY PROTECTED BY LAW AS THE BOND BETWEEN PARENT AND CHILD" MAV V ANDERSON 345 US 528, 533;73 S.Ct. 840, 843 (1952) as well as Stanton V, Stanton, 421 US 7.10;95 S.Ct. 1373, 1376 (1975)

What is interesting here, is that the Washington State Judges violated Mark's and his daughter's Civil Rights, and that under Titlle 18 241-242, they and the Washington CPS are guilty, and punishable by the law as criminals. That is backed up by Title 42 USC 1983.

So...where's Mark's baby girl, his life and her's, missing 4 years of love, joy, happiness?
See the proof for yourself, and pray, pray, pray for Mark and his precious little baby, who's not a baby anymore. Their life was destroyed by the US Government.

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