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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Signs of Sexual Abuse

In March of 2006, after 3 months of sudden fear of going to bed, a child kept acting out what child called, "The Game." Child took sexual positions, played with privates constantly and even named the abusers. Child complained of pee-pee hurting. CPS told the father who to take child to, a child psychiatrist. The father did. The doctor said that CPS told him the father was making it up. CPS did nothing. The mother opened up a sex toy party business, held at the Day Care of her parent's home where the child was living for 3.5 years . CPS did nothing.

In July, 2007, the child couldn't control child's bladder, even in waking hours. The doctors said child was being sexually molested. Child wouldn't even let the doctors look at child. CPS went to the doctor and said that the father was making it up. CPS did nothing.

The child was caught twice, using stuffed animals as sexual toys, doing unspeakable things. Child was also caught with the family dog. The father had to get rid of the family dog. In 2008, the child told two strangers that mommy broke child's privates. CPS did nothing.

In 2009, the child had been living with his maternal grandparents,in their unlicensed Day Care. The police finally raided the home, after the father warned them for 5 years. The grandfather was charged with 7 felony counts of rape and molestation. Again, child had lived there for 3.5 years and the father alerted every Politician, State and Federal. CPS did nothing.

Late 2009, the child was refused medical care by child's mother. Child had severe pain while urinating. The mother hid the facts from father. Several weeks later, the child was peeing blood. The mother hid that as well. CPS did nothing. The child came with blood splattered all over the back of  underwear. CPS did nothing. The child refused to wipe bottom, claiming it hurt to touch it. CPS did nothing.

In 2010, the child still bed wetting, has for years. Child was caught trying to force  baby sister to touch  privates. 28 days prior to that episode, the father contacted CPS and warned them it may happen. CPS did nothing. The child stated mommy said it was (Fun) to play with privates. CPS was told, CPS did nothing.

Late 2010, the child began making sexual statements to neighbor kids. A licensed psychologist had been seeing the child for 8 months. The psychologist documented medical, dental neglect and sexual exposure. CPS did nothing. Well, not nothing, as they FIRED that doctor who is a specialist with children.

In 2011, CPS took copies of the father's daily diary, not to see what evidence of abuse on the child that the father had, but to see what the father had on their (CPS) failure. CPS agreed the child has sexual problems, but refused to even take child's bloody underwear. Refused to take disturbing artwork the child had drawn, all of abuse by mother and stepfather.

In this short little life, child's been seen for 5 possible concussions, kicked down stairs, beaten with a fly swatter until bruised, hit in the face so hard had to be seen at the E.R, burned on hand by a cigarette, massive sexual problems, 11 rotting teeth, refused a doctor for 17 months which led to surgery, refused a psychologist by the mother despite her being Court Ordered to do so and covered with head lice twice. The list is far too big to go into detail. Medical history exceeds anything this web-site has ever seen. CPS does Nothing. Oh but wait, CPS did tell the father (On Tape) it's not illegal to hit your child in the face in Montana.

In 2010, the F.B.I concluded that CPS had failed this child, and, that CPS wouldn't return child to the father because it would be an admission of their own guilt and they'd face a massive law suit. The local police refused to let the father read the arrest report of all the raped kids at the Day Care, because the father would tell the other parents that the cops and CPS knew about the dangers for over 5 years. The father kept copies of all the letters sent to everyone. Even though the father Filed a Subpoena, the County Judge Quashed it, to hide the truth.

What all this REALLY boils down to, is this child's life isn't worth a penny to CPS, the cops, the Courts, or anyone. Child's life is just collateral damage to prevent them from being sued.

You be the judge: Watch this You Tube Video and tell us it doesn't describe this Blog and CPS's utter and complete failure to protect an innocent child.

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  1. I find this sickening. It bothers me greatly. I have gone through an experience like this with my own child as well. My ex husband sexually abused my daughter. She was 4 years old when it finally came out. I could not change her without her freaking out or even bathe her. I took her to the doctor and it was deemed that she had been sodomized. I filled an 11 page police report and tried to tell CPS about this but the door was slammed in my face. Way to go CPS.