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My Best Friend
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Please Send Pooper Scooper to Montana

Dear friends, so here's the twist. The Montana Senator, Max Bacusus, legal counsel, sent  paperwork to file, because a District Court Judge has totally violated the (Canon Rules of Ethics), by refusing to let witnesses (Under Subpoena Testify) as witnesses to child abuse. One witness traveled over 5 hours to get to Court!

Right in the middle of the Hearing in question, CPS calls the Judge, (After CPS says that this matter was sole and separate and that the father needed to proceed) but anyway, calls the Judge and STOPS the Hearing, leaving three eye witness persons sequestered and ready to testify. The Judge sent them home.

Under the Canon Rules of Ethics, that IS a complete refusal and denial of Constitutional  Rights to refuse to allow witnesses to testify under oath, and against Montana Law, adopted by the Supreme Court in Montana in 1983.

The ONLY witness allowed was totally tampered with, not by opposing counsel, but by the Judge himself, swayed sarcastic, blatant attacks, on an esteems psychologist, in an effort to discredit the REAL and TRUE witness, an innocent child.

The State of Montana, puts this  (Nice little convenient clause) in their response, that you can't make it public?

Isn't that in itself a Violation of the 1st Amendment? They don't want anyone to know what illegal garbage they allow in this (Good Old Boy State).

The CPS and Family Court system is SO corrupt here, that everyone needs to donate a giant pooper scooper and some rubber bots, just to shovel out the dung.

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  1. As part of a victim advocate office in Montana, we see way more child abuse than any individual can stomach. It's true that Montana has a lot to learn about prosecuting offenders and protecting the child, but fortunately many people have taken notice and are working to do something about it. I'm curious: Are you involved with MCADSV at all?