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My Best Friend
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CPS Are Murdering Children. Dirt Bags.

So, in a few months, CPS has changed it's allegations at least 4-5 times, and every time they lose, they throw more crap at the wall hoping some will stick. Parents and even CPS employees have been repeatedly threatened with legal actions, lawsuits and criminal charges over this Web-site, which proves how bad, how corrupt and ignorant these people are.

All the while a child is deteriorating, scared as hell to go back with mom and CPS does Nothing?

This IS the BOTTOM LINE, CPS has been challenged twice by e-mail proving it's not about a child, but about a web-site, exposing their hideous corruption and we named names. WE have two incoming and two outgoing e-mails proving that CPS is attacking us, and, kidnapped a child because we exposed them.

That's real great use of Federal Dollars huh? Use the kid as ransom, use Fed Bucks to alienate a child from a loving family instead of using money's to reunite. U.S Senators Max Baucus Office could care less, even though the LAW states that he can order a Senate Judiciary Hearing for misappropriation of Federal Money. Baucus says (Ethics prohibit him from interfering?) Then why did U.S Senator Nancy Schaffer expose CPS corruption in her own state, then was murdered? HEARINGS People, HEARINGS. How can States Unlawfully abduct children and use Federal bucks to do it?

CPS does (Kidnap kids) and here's more proof. READ THIS STORY PEOPLE, Massive Corruption even in the Courts and by Pharmacy Companies giving (Kick backs) to drug kids. It's nationwide as CPS, DHS, DFS misuses Federal money to ruin families. Click on the link below.

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